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Anxious home alone

I’ll be home alone all night for Easter I get nervous and frightened any suggestions I can do to distract myself 


Re: Anxious home alone

@gmusicj  hi you could watch a movie or listen to music but whatever you choose i would suggest something that "fills the house up" and makes it feel like there is stuff going on and it isnt just quiet. it is the quiet that always gets to me but that could not apply to you. oh also video games are good if you have any cause they make you focus a lot more than movies and so it passes time and is better at distracting you well i find it is. anyway good luck. 


Re: Anxious home alone

I only have a few ideas sorry, but here they are:


Try to text/ call friends or family that you're close to, or come onto the forum. Maybe talking to someone (about literally anything, it could even just be exchanging cat pictures) will distract you.


I have no idea if this is possible/ enjoyable for you, but maybe you could invite someone over for a sleepover type thing, or visit them.


Movie marathon. Find a bunch of your favorite movies, tv shows, videos, anything like that. Get blankets, pets or anything else that helps you feel comfortable. This can also be applied to books if you like reading, or pretty much any hobby actually...

Do something you enjoy and make it as comfortable and fun as possible.


Re: Anxious home alone

@gmusicj I can really relate to this, I used to struggle with this years ago. I found that the best thing to do was make the house feel "busy" as @Eden1717  suggested. So what I would do is:

-turn on quite a few lights in the house so no areas around me were dark,

-turn the tv on and have the sound at a volume that you would normally if your family/friends were at your house,

-call your parents, a relative, or a friend every half an hour or hour and that might calm your anxiety just by talking to someone and making you feel less alone,

-I would usually watch a light-hearted comedy movie or my favourite tv show to lighten my own mood and I would watch it until I was pretty much falling asleep as a distraction,

-order or cook your favourite food so you have something exciting to look forward to,

-plan to do an activity (maybe your favourite at-home hobby?)


I hope all or at least some of these suggestions help! Whenever I would have to be home alone I would sometimes get so nervous and anxious that I would sit and worry all night. But as I started to do some of these activities, the night actually kind of became fun and time went really quickly, I also started looking forward to being home alone! Remember when the night comes, you can always come onto to RO and have a chat to someone as well. Hope it all goes well Smiley Happy Keep us updated!


Re: Anxious home alone

My boyfriend will come over for one night 

Re: Anxious home alone

Great to hear you'll have company for a night Smiley Happy 


Great suggestions above too on how to cope and get through! 

As @LovesFood said, you can always hop onto RO and read through the articles or come onto the forums and see who's around Smiley Very Happy

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here