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Re: Anyone else in this situation?

Yeah, that's the best thing to do, in my opinion as well. Hopefully it will alleviate some of the struggle with having to separate your sexuality from yourself.

I'm glad you're going to have a chat to her now, I hope you feel a bit better after Smiley Happy

Re: Anyone else in this situation?

Hey @Isaac2554, welcome to ReachOut! Just giving you a heads up that I've moved some replies from another thread into this one so that it's easier for everyone to be able to support you. Smiley Happy Thanks so much for your post, I just want to acknowledge how much courage it takes to post something like this, so well done! Heart


I can't really add too much to the awesome advice that @unwind @nyke and @kaiden11 have given so far! Please let us know how you go. Heart


Hi @nyke. I talked to my mum yesterday about my concerns and she understands. I'm a very open book. I feel like I can do everything except talk about what I want to talk about. People at school talk about cute girls and who they like etc (including me) but I can't talk about any guys that I like and that becomes exhausting for someone who is as open as I am.

Re: Anyone else in this situation?

Hi @@unwind. I talked to my mum yesterday and she was very understanding of my concerns. She suggested (my cousins also suggested this) that we look into some LBGT+ youth groups in Sydney so I can meet other people going through similar situations such as myself. I also came out to my dad this morning and he was very accepting. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for all your help Robot Happy

Re: Anyone else in this situation?

Awesome @Isaac2554!! I’m glad your mum was understanding, and congratulations on coming out to your dad Smiley Happy

Youth groups are a great idea, you’ll be able to connect with other people much easier. Might be worth checking out

Re: Anyone else in this situation?

Thanks @unwind I'll check those out 

Re: Anyone else in this situation?

Hey there @Isaac2554 and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy\

I wanted to echo other users in saying how wonderful it is that you've come out to your family. Coming out isn't always the easiest thing to do, and you've shown amazing courage in coming out to your family. It is fantastic that they are so supportive of you and that you've been able to talk to your mum about how you've been feeling. Having a support network can be important in helping us get through challenging times. 


It's really wonderful that you feel comfortable talking to people about different things, it's understandable that it's difficult at school where you're not able to talk about the things you want to. Do you have any close friends from school that you'd feel comfortable talking to? 


Twenty10 is definitely a great organisation that offers wonderful support to LGBT+ youth in NSW. Hopefully they have a group or something else nearby that can help you Smiley Happy 

Another great place worth checking out is Qlife, an anonymous helpline that specialises in supporting LGBT+ youth. They have a phone and webchat if you ever want to talk in more detail about what you're going through.


I hope you're having a good week Smiley Happy



I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Anyone else in this situation?

I know I’m pretty late to respond to this haha, but I totally understand what you’re going through! Sometimes it’s just really difficult being yourself in an environment where people aren’t as kind and accepting as they should be. I’m a pansexual 14 year old, and at my school, any words to do with the lgbt community are used in a derogatory sense, and it gets really difficult. Good on you for completely owning who you are man, that takes a lot of guts x