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Anyone know how to build a time machine

Hey, so I've posted on these things a few times. I don't know, just feeling extremely lonely today and that nothing will workout. Every single one of the people I was friends with last yeae have either ditched me or are way too busy to even talk to me. Feel I would just be wasteing their time if I even sent them a text. I had my last session with my cousellor last week before she goes on merternity leave and had my second session at headspace on Tuesday. I seem to be not liking the physc for absolutely no reason. I don't know how long I should see her before I decide if I like her or not.
Wish I had a time machine, I would go forward in time to where stuff was sorted out.

Re: Anyone know how to build a time machine

Hey @Grake


I think It's ok to have days like this, and it sounds like you have some good reasons to feel lonely with your friends leaving and being too busy to talk to you. I don't think it's too much to ask of your friends to tell them how you are feeling and if they can spare some time for you, maybe one of them is feeling a similar way to you and they also think they would be wasting your time if they sent a text?


The great thing about mental health services these days is that you have the choice of who supports you, so don't be afraid to be open with your psychologist and headspace, let them know how you feel, they will be more than happy to refer you on to someone who may fit you better, you don't need any reason and sometimes there just isn't a reason, our brains work in wierd ways and we like who we like.


To be honest there are many times where I wish for a time machine too, but I think experiencing these tough times, where you may feel incredibly lonely are important parts of life, and help us to appreciate the good bits.


It's great that you are here talking it out with us, keep sharing and talking to people. 





If you banish the dragons, you banish the heroes
- Andrew Solomon

Re: Anyone know how to build a time machine

Hey @Grake,


@RecoveryandHope has made some really great suggestions Smiley Happy I don't even know if I can top that!


I'm just here to let you know that we are listening and there is support here for you.


Lonliness can be so difficult and it makes us feel so isolated and disconnected from the world. I don't think sending a text would hurt? 


What else is happening in your life at the moment? Do you have any hobbies on the go?