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Assessment blues

Hey guys Smiley Happy


Recently I've found myself really struggling with my assessments, I find myself feeling keen and eger to get them done, but when I read over them and a textbook or a web page to answer it, I get stuck. It's like a wall goes up and prevents me from figuring it out. 

I also know I'm giving up too easily. I stumble and I move on to the next question, leaving the previous unanswered. I don't know why I'm not following through with each question, but it's really starting to bring me down a lot! And I think it feels worse each time because I've had non-stop assessment since we started the course! 


I'm wondering whether those studying hit a similar kind of thing? What do you do to combatt the situation?

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions that I could try to get over this? 


Much appreciated,



Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Assessment blues

Hey @Bee
It sucks that you have been struggling and I can relate to that. When I was studying I used to feel like that during exams, I'd just freeze and then give up.

What helped me was getting a tutor or asking for help from friends or family, the more I knew about the question the easier it got for me to work it out. You dont have to figure it out alone and when you know how its done then the next time you see it, it wont be as difficult.

Taking regular breaks also helped me because when I came back my mind was fresh and ready to go.

Hmm that's all I have at the moment, but I hope it helps

Take care and you can do this Smiley Happy
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Re: Assessment blues

Studying can be pretty intense and hectic, I feel your pain. It can be pretty stressful especially if you don't understand the concepts.

I agree with @ruenhonx, it is important to take regular breaks. Maybe try relaxation methods e.g. breathing, meditation. It is also important to ask for help when you need it.

Hope it all goes well.

Re: Assessment blues

Hey @Bee , I think anyone whose had to do any kind of written assessment could relate to this! Its a totally common reaction, so I think it's important that you try not to beat yourself up too much about it Smiley Happy

I find generally when this happens to me its because I'm feeling anxious about what I have to do, so I definitely agree with @ruenhonx  and @Creativegirl12 that its important to do some things that allow your mind to destress a bit.

Is there someone in your classes that you would feel comfortable talking about the assignment with? Talking it out with someone in the same boat can be really helpful sometimes. If you're really having trouble, it might be best to talk it over with your teacher/lecturer.

Re: Assessment blues

Thanks @ruenhonx @Creativegirl12  & @Chessca_H your replies helped a bit Smiley Happy


I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow to try and finish the current assessment due on Friday, but it's not just each individual assessment, it's also the course itself. I'm onsantly finding myself stressed over the time period. It's just assessment after assessment. We're barely finished one and we're getting the next! Smiley Surprised It's really intense right now...


I deffinitely need to do more destressing! I keep telling myself I need to do meditations more regularly, although I never find the time. I don't know how to fit anything else in! It's like I'm a one track mind trying to run like a freeway...


Chessca, there is only one of my teachers I can really talk to, but there isn't anything we can really do about the time frame. As we only have 5months for the whole course, and in 4 months we have to finish everything so we can actually go out and do out placement! I only have a month until placement too!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Assessment blues

I know it's intense, Bee, and you're beating yourself up a bit about not doing as well as you'd like. Remember to go a bit easier on yourself and try some positive self talk (I know that's harder than it sounds!). You made it through last year, and you only have 1 month till placement - you can do it!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Assessment blues

Hey Bee,

I hope the meet up with the friend has helped.

Are there any things that helped you last year that you don't currently have in place? Such as keeping a schedule or prioritising?

Sometimes just writing out anything can help, I often find with things that starting is the really hard part. You don't have to properly answer it, just writing out some of the information or anything that feels relevant to it could start something, and that way when you go back to it it isn't completely blank.

It's okay to be finding this hard, and you are going to get through this. Smiley Happy

Re: Assessment blues

Hi @Bee,

I'm hearing you, from where you're coming from. Initially you're keen, you read over the material, then BAM!, deflation!

Personally, I set priorities as to what needs to be done in order by due dates and so forth on a piece of paper, then gradually working on the assessment by saying to myself "I'm going to do this much today, tomorrow and so forth, until I get it fully done". Setting goals, having a space this is quite and somewhat peaceful, and having a solid understanding at to what the question is asking you is what I've found useful.

Maybe even studying with your friend/s might be useful? Explore new avenues that works best for you, and for your learning.

Go get it, and all the best @Bee

Re: Assessment blues

Thanks @Jay-Dee you're right I was beating myself up which wasn't helping any. I have spent the last few days ignoring the assessments I've got over the easter break and relaxing as much as I could. 

Yep, just over a month, 7 weeks today I start my block, it's insane scary, I've not done anything like it before!



@Birdeye  Yes the meet up with my friend did help last Thursday, I got the assessment finished that I needed to! Smiley Very Happy

I think the only thing I had in place last year was my mentor who I kept seeing. Majority she helped with motivation and praise when I was going really well. I also don't have the relationships I did last year! I actually miss some of my teachers and their humor!

I just work through each assessment I get them/when they are due.

Yep, that's what I started doing with a couple questions in the last assessment which I was really struggling with. It helped but also made it harder in that I had the info sitting there for so long but wasn't doing anything with it!

I know it's okay to be finding it hard, I just wish I could get over that and plough through instead of getting stuck so frequently!




Thanks @hhiteos789 I don't do so well with this "I'm going to do this much tonight" or "I'm going to do these questions tonight"

Studying with one particular friend helps, but it's not always possible to organise study times, everyone is all so busy with children/work etc.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Assessment blues

Hey @Bee , 

I'm glad that you were able to manage your assignment and incorporated the help suggested to you by all the lovely people at RO. I definitely know what you are going through sometimes the workload can feel unbearable and you feel like it's just stacking up while your procrastinating.
The best way I find that works for me is to make a timetable involving everything I will be doing on the day and try my best to follow it. Obviously things come up and my schedule will be affected but as long as I have an outline and a reminder of all the things I aim to achieve that day it usually works out.

I found that I also have to stop trying to put so much pressure on myself and take it a bit more easier. Once you place pressure and remind yourself of all the stuff you need to do you tend to freak out and just feel overwhelmed. Deal with things one step at a time and once something's done tick it off your to do list, makes you actually feel really good.


Also don't forget to reward yourself once you've submitted an assignment do something you enjoy and relax before you start the next thing.
Best of luck with all your studies Smiley Happy