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Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

@lennycat2017 thank you so much!!!! that made me smile. Smiley Happy It definitely wasn't easy to build up the courage to talk about my experiences/traits that she told me are linked with my BPD but I am glad I got everything out there and told her because it really did give me clarity. We have gone over methods to manage self-harm urges, and in our future sessions we will go over much more. There is a lot to work on so we're still figuring out where to start first - right now her main objective has been to help me understand my disorders, which although kind of scares me to an extent, actually really helps. 

I am so glad I have removed it from my life, it was doing me so much more harm than good.

Thank you! I will keep you updated on how things are going. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

Hi @WheresMySquishy! I definitely agree with you about Instagram and the kind of image it portrays of people. I am so glad that I am no longer on there and have deleted that app hopefully for good. It just caused me so many problems. 

Thank you so much!!! I really hope so. It can be really difficult since my few close friends don't really understand, especially the BPD and just the way I am towards them sometimes. I am lucky that my boyfriend and my sister do understand though. At least I have two people that I can fall back onto. And an incredibly supportive community that I have recently discovered here! Smiley Happy

Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

Hi @blissfulhope


I have just been reading through all the posts in this thread, and I am blown away by your courage to embrace support and try new strategies! There was one quote you mentioned that really stood out to me that I want to acknowledge:
"I was so reluctant to ever get help but I am so glad I did, I know it will be a long journey but I feel positive that I have the right support around me to get through this Heart


Such powerful reflection! Please feel free to check in with us here as well, we would love to hear how you go in the coming weeks Heart The community is always around to chat Heart


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Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

Hi @blissfulhope !
I'm so so glad that everything is working out for you and that you are feeling better Smiley Happy
Thank you also for keeping us updated because we really care for you!

Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

hey @blissfulhope hope you had a good long weekend! I am really happy to hear you are taking the time to learn about everything with your disorders and manage self-harm thoughts. 


how are you going now? 



Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

Hey @lennycat2017, hope you had a great long weekend too! 


Right now, better that I have ever been in terms of my anxiety disorder as I have started medication that my doctor prescribed, which has helped very much to help me get through the day without the constant panic attacks and anxiety. 


The past week was really hard in terms of the BPD and angry outbursts to my boyfriend/mood swings, I hurt him so much when my intrusive thoughts come in and once I’ve calmed down, I feel guilty for it. I’m working on those symptoms though with my psychologist and I think some of the strategies and things she has taught me are already having a small effect on the way I think and manage my emotions. 


I really feel like there is finally a way out of this! 


Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

Hi @blissfulhope
It sounds like you have good rapport with your psychologist and I'm so glad that the strategies are helping. It's really good that you are putting them into practice because that's what they are there for Smiley Happy
I can understand that it can be difficult with the mood swings with BPD, one of my great friends also describes to me that she can have angry outbursts to her partner and then feels guilty for it. Through time and seeing your psychologist I hope that this ameliorates for you.
In the meantime we are always here for a chat Heart

Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

Hi @missep,
Thank you so much for your supportive words Smiley Happy I've found that those strategies are crucial! In combination with therapy from my psychologist and medication I think I'm really on the way to recovering. I'm glad to hear that there are others who are also experiencing this, it makes me feel much less alone. 

I relapsed on the weekend by self-harming after a few weeks of having used coping strategies to avoid it, but I was in a terrible state. I was pretty disappointed as I thought I had been progressing but I had an anger outburst that just overwhelmed me so much that I couldn't handle anything. Hopefully I can avoid it again next time. 


Thank you so much Heart

Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

@blissfulhope I just wanted to say that it's amazing how far you've already come and it's something to be really proud of.


How have you been the past couple of days? Are there some strategies that you haven't tried yet that you could next time you're starting to feel overwhelmed?

Re: Intrusive thoughts and jealousy in a relationship

There is a phrase that love makes you crazy and I believe that . When you love some one it’s a whole different ball game and you feel every feeling possible the good and the bad . And in this situation sometimes you think am I not enough ? But you are and it’s so important to engage in some self care activities to help you  and maybe seek some professional guidance , I hope you are okay x