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Bad Day

We all have bad days sometimes, some people more than others. Just need to vent about your bad day, do it here. 


I had a really bad day today. It started later, my alarm went off at 8:30 like usual (I usually get at this time so I'm in a routine as I study from home). I didn't feel too good this morning (we all have those days) so I slept till midday. I got up and went into the kitchen where my little brother was looking for lunch (he was home from school sick, completely unrelated to my sickness) and we had no bread and he wanted toast for lunch so I had to go and get him some even though I didn't feel well. When I got home I sat down to do a test I had to do for my uni. 70% of it gets marked automatically by the computes and of that 70% I got 30% right so I've pretty much failed that assessment (which will be my first in almost a year). So anyway It's about 2 pm by now and I've done a little bit of study on my next assessment due. MY internet decides to stop working because my little brother who is meant to be sick and isn't meant to be watching anything has used all of the internet watching YouTube. So anyway, my dad got home from work at 7 and went off at me because I hadn't cooked dinner because my mum's not home and "I sit on my ... all day and do nothing" even though I do the washing while I'm home, I clean the house, do the shopping and study. To make everything ten times better I almost get electrocuted unplugging an extension cord from the power and everyone thought it was funny and didn't care if I was ok or not. Oh, and my boyfriend just asked what I was doing and I said looking at chatrooms online and he asked why do I think I need to talk to a stranger and not him. So, all in all, I had a wonderful day. 

Re: Bad Day

@HRNSHLY that sounds really difficult, especially since the people around you haven't been especially supportive...

Is there anything that helps you get through days like this normally at all? 

Re: Bad Day

That does sound difficult. I know my parents aren't rude like that, and especially don't make me do the chores around the house.

Your Boyfriend seems like a wonderful person to be around though. My boyfriend thought of me differently, so I got over him quickly.

I agree with @Tiny_leaf. Do you have specific things to help you geet through the annoying and tough times?
Here for you.

// Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm Possible" //

Re: Bad Day

Hi @HRNSHLY and welcome to ReachOut! Thank you for reaching out to talk to us about your day, it sounds like it was a really tough day Heart


Family dynamics can be really challenging sometimes. Everyone brings their own experiences and feelings from the day into the home, and that dynamic can be really hard to balance. You mentioned that your dad was quite angry when he got home, am I right in saying you felt that some of the comments he made were inaccurate to the amount of time and effort you are putting into supporting your household? What is your relationship with him like? Do you think you could have a conversation with him about yesterday?


You have mentioned you are studying at the moment, what are you studying?


You've taken a big step to seek support online, and we are here to listen whenever you need to chat Smiley Happy


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Re: Bad Day

My relationship with my dad is really good and I think thayii why what he said upset me like it did. He does have a habit of bringing his issues from work home so if he's had a bad day at work or had conflict with someone he will bring that feeling home. I know he didn't mean what he said but it didn't make it any easier to hear. He isn't really the kind of person who will sit down and talk about this kind of stuff. 

Anyway, at the moment I am studying a diploma in travel and tourism to become a travel agent 

Re: Bad Day

My dad isn't usually like that, and I choose to do chores around the house because if I don't I leaves mum to spend all weekend cleaning because she works from 7:30 to 5 and I'm home all day because I study from home.

My boyfriend is extremely supportive and so is his family. He suffers from depression, his mum use to too and his sister is currently suffering from anxiety ( which I am too). So they understand a lot better than my own family does.

Usually after a vent I feel alot better.


Re: Bad Day

@HRNSHLY it sounds like you take care of others quite a bit and are thoughtful to being helpful to everyone at home. You have said venting usually helps you feel better so I'm wondering what other things do you do to take care of yourself?


It's also good to hear that your boyfriend and his family give you so much support!


Re: Bad Day

hi @HRNSHLY and welcome to you.
how are things for you today?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**