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Re: Bad anxiety at night

Smiley Happy No problem!! I had to work them all into my sleeping pattern last night was a bit of a bad one.

I didn't like the progressive muscle relaxation when I was just doing it souly as a meditative tool, but during times of anxiety before bed, I have noticed it has quite a good effect if you let it work. Just depends on the intensity you need to squeeze.

Yes worrying about someone picking up my diary and reading it has been the reason why I've never even been too honest with myself in there!!

Keep on at it all. Let me know how you go with it too in a few weeks to see if anythings made a difference.

Re: Bad anxiety at night

Wow DD, you have really opened up a topic that lots of people relate to. Loads of great ideas.


I am doing a meditation course at the moment and my instructor advises to acknowledge the specific things that are making you anxious, and then just actively cast them aside and focus on something like a mantra or slowly counting. I have tried it, and while it is easier said than done, I do find that it works the more you try it. 


Funnily enough, I go to sleep very easily, but often wake-up about 3am thinking that everything is horrible and too hard. I guess it is a little bit different for everyone.


Hope you get some good sleep tonight DD! 



Re: Bad anxiety at night

@BennyW wrote:

Funnily enough, I go to sleep very easily, but often wake-up about 3am thinking that everything is horrible and too hard. I guess it is a little bit different for everyone.


Oh I do this all the time as well.  It's like the emotions creep in when my guard is down because I'm so relaxed from being asleep...and then BAM.  Takes me ahes to get back to sleep when that happens.  Which is basically every night/morning.  Love my 5am bird.


Re: Bad anxiety at night

@_sagira_: Okay I'll let you know. Using some of the strategies suggested in this thread has made it easier to get my mind off negative thoughts when I've been going to sleep the last few nights so that's a plus! Smiley Very Happy


@BennyW: Yeah, looks like peaks in anxiety at night are fairly common! Yeah that sounds like it would be pretty challenging but that's good that you're finding that it gets easier with practise! I'll have to give it ago. Smiley Happy


I don't usually wake up to be honest, once I'm asleep, I'm asleep all night usually. It's just getting to sleep which is the problem, haha!


Thanks Benny. Sleep has been better lately so fingers crossed! 


Re: Bad anxiety at night

You know, my sleep has been much better the last few nights as well... we must be sending each other positive vibes.

Sweets dreams. :-)

Re: Bad anxiety at night

@DD I'm really glad to hear that and you're lucky you can usually sleep the whole night through.

@BennyW I agree. It's all this positive energy we're channeling through RO. I'm about to head to bed. Really hoping for a good one.

Re: Bad anxiety at night

@Benny: That's great! You're right, it must be all of the positive vibes from this thread Smiley Tongue

@_sagira_: Hope you've been having good sleep this week!

Re: Bad anxiety at night

Hey DD, well I'm back at home, home for placement for the next month. So we will see what happens I suppose. The first night was good, last night was a bad one and tonight...well I will find out! Smiley Tongue

How have you been going? Has the anxiety prior to bed been improving?

Re: Bad anxiety at night

I am actually trying to ward off a panic attack as I write this.  My panic attacks always happen at night like you.  It particularly starts off after I have had my evening meal.  Food is a big trigger to me.  I am overweight and don't eat during the day but after eating a healthy meal I will eat icecream and/or chocolate or sometimes coke and then I feel nauseaus and guilty.  I feel a panic attack coming on with the symptom of cold shivers and pins and needles in my arms leading to feeling very full in the stomach and nausea.  Nausea is one of my biggest fears that started when I nursed my mother with cancer and watching her vomit and feeling helpless.  I am on anxiety medication and anti-depression medication and have found myself taking an extra ant-anxiety tablet when I feel the panic coming on - I even take anti-nausea medication or antacids as well.  I try the slow breathing following the ticks of the clock to slow my breathing down.  I've even tried quizzes in my head e.g. naming an animal for each letter of the alphabet.  I clean cupboards out to distract me or just throw myself into cleaning the house sometimes staying up to dawn.  Like you I hate the night time and keep all the lights on.  Even though I love watching tv and movies during a panic attack I can't think of.see or hear about food, I can't stand noise of any kind and usually get into my bed away from everyone.  The worse thing about me is I never know when these attacks will happen, sometimes I go weeks without one and then out of the blue an attack appears out of nowhere.  I also have a bad habit of picking at sores on my skin to give me relief which is insane but the relief I get from this disgusting habit is so real.

Re: Bad anxiety at night

great idea I definitely will try this

@_sagira_ wrote:

Hey DD,

I've been suffering from serious anxiety just before I go to bed for years...but it's intensity comes in stages.
A few weeks ago it was really bad and I my psych suggested I did progressive muscle relaxtion.

I don't know about you but when I get anxious in the evening I get a surge of adrenalin and it doesn't matter if i've just spent the last 2 hours exercising, I will feel like I need to get out of bed and start all over again.  Sometimes I do!!  So basically this progressive muscle relaxation is another form of guided meditation.  You tense particular parts of your body and then release them.  I've needed to use really long and intense ones.  I found a couple online which were nice.  You could give it a good try for a few nights and see how it works.  At the moment I don't need to do it, but I know what to do when I get to that point.

Click the progressive muscle one and follow the prompts.

Also I've just started using this new website.  IT'S AMAZING!  I write in a diary pretty much everyday, I have blogs, I twitter etc etc...but what this site allows you to do is JUST WRITE AND WRITE AND WRITE...just write about anything.  It doesn't need to be methodical at all.  That's the reason I like it so much, also I don't tend to handwrite in my diary all me fears and worries cos it takes so long. But because I can type really fast this is good for me. 

So give it a go...try the 750 words before you go to bed.  Do the progressive muscle relaxation.  Then if you start having the thoughts try to talk self talk.  'yes I know I'm having these thoughts, that's okay they can stay there etc etc.'  Or you could even focus your attention to, 'i'm in bed, it's warm, I can feel the sheets lightly pressing against my skin.  They're smooth and I feel safe...etc etc.'  It's another form of mindfulness.

Good luck though!