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Re: Beating myself up- literally

It's hard when you struggle to talk about what's going on, and someone doesn't press for information. I know for some people, they've found it helpful to say to their counsellor/doctor/MH team in advance that if they say they're fine, that really they need to be followed up with and have someone check that they're actually okay. It can be hard to verbalise the words and express them to someone - I get that - but if you're unsafe, someone needs to know, so that you can get the help that you deserve.


What do you think would help you be able to communicate to others when you're struggling? Does anyone else have any ideas, what has worked for you guys?

Re: Beating myself up- literally


Re: Beating myself up- literally

Hey itsbundy... I just wanted to chime in and welcome you and let you know we'd love to have you stick around the forum community here... We've got a few different areas where it would be great to get your contributions.... It's awesome that you have a supportive network around you, and you can add us here at to that network.  


Stuff like the thread What Are You Proud Of.. forces you to look within yourself for things you are proud of (for example, taking yourself to emergency is something to be proud of). You could also introduce yourself to the community here or read some of our stories of young people who have survived suicidal thoughts here...

Also, every Monday night we have Getting Real sessions from 8pm-10pm where we chat about all sorts of topics. It's run by our mods who are young people just like you - check out past topics here. Then once a month we invite a special guest, we had one on  self harm a few months ago, maybe you wanty to check it out here?


.Anyway, I just wanted to share some info with you that I thought you might be interested in and really warmly welcome you to our little virtual neighbourhood and hope you stick around!

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Re: Beating myself up- literally

Hey @Itsbundy 


I think you are very brave to have done what you have to keep yourself safe. 

I was also told numerous times to head to the emergency department of my local hospital if I don't feel safe. It is easier said than done. So I admire you for checking yourself in. 


In the meantime, be kind to yourself. Take it one day at a time. The best person to help make things a little more bearable everyday is yourself. And reaching out for help at the hospital and at is a very good start. Don't give up Smiley Happy


Take care,



Re: Beating myself up- literally

Yeah it's hard because I feel everyone there is judging me but they don't really help anyway. Thank you Smiley Happy