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Re: Beating the Winter Blues

A good way to get warm in winter... is start a workout program.


Now for some, the idea of waking up early when its cold, putting on the gym clothes and heading outside is just... no.


But once you get active, start moving the body around you begin to warm up. Also, if you're up early enough, you see the sunrise and on a cold winter morning, that's pretty spectacular. If you can coax a friend out of their bed to join you, you can both get fit and healthy for when summer comes around, so you and them can hit the beaches in your new toned bodies.


- J

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

All my life, I have grown up around music. My dad's side of the family is Italian and so - stereotypically - they are a loud, musicl family. When I was young, I did dancing for five years straight, and now I have been doing singing for three years. So I really enjoy music. I connect with it, I listen to stories, and write my own stories as well.

Something I've found really helps me is to listen to music when I'm upset. Often, it is the most triggering song I can find, but that helps. For example, when I start to have a panic attack, or just can't stop crying, I have a rather short playlist on my laptop which consists of;

- I Don't Want To Be Me - Amanda Clemens

- Breathe Me - Sia

- I'm In Here - Sia

-The Great Escape - Pink


The only reason I listen to songs like that when I'm upset is because I, personally, need to get to a really emotional state before I calm down. But I've also found that my morning playlist, which consists of rather upbeat songs, generally keeps me in a good modd. Since starting to listen to it, I have realized that my bad moods seem to start near the end of the day, but when I don't listen to this kind of music, I seem to get upset easily.


So, basically, I was just wondering what kind of songs help you guys cope better?


Thanks guys xxx

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

Hi getsome,

Welcome to ReachOut and woo hoo well done on sharing your first post here Smiley Very Happy

I have a whole playlist of 'happy' tunes I listen too. I find a lot of Beatles songs uplifting because they're quite upbeat and light-hearted.


Re: Beating the Winter Blues

Hey Getsome,


Welcome to Reach Out!


I love Breathe Me by Sia! I feel similarly to how you described. I prefer to listen to really sad songs when I feel down too. For me it seems like I go all the way through it to the other side. If that makes sense.


It sounds like music really means a lot to you. It's wonderful to have something in your life like that.


Smiley Happy

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

I think everyone has hit the nail on the head that maintaining a healthy level of exercise is important. Especially because winter means eating more hearty/warm foods it is easier to gain alittle extra weight. Salads are not hitting the spot or all the rage like they are summer. Therefore we end up with a catch 22 effect, almost thanks to evolution. The little bit of extra coverage is needed to keep us warm... but it adds to the winter blues - doesn't have to be the case.

Go out and find some nice winter outfits too - shop in moderation if money is an issue or suss out the op shops for some cool/cheap finds. It is important to feel nice in winter too. I hear too often that people feel like that have nothing nice to wear.

Make the most of a lazy day where you can curl up inside with the heater, blankets and a hoodie to watch a movie. You can rug up and get snug in summer.

Embrace the change, because summer will be back before we know it Smiley Happy

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

I think you have to make sure that you get sunlight into your eyes for at least 30 minutes a day.  That is without sunglasses and not through the inside of a window. Look upto the sun and bask in its light - every single day- make it a daily routine.


Re: Beating the Winter Blues

Haha MaxECollege... I think that's a great idea although it actually won't work very well if the sun doesn't come out. Smiley Tongue Both Brisbane and Sydney haven't had any sun in a quite a while. But yes, I agree getting out into the sunshine is great!

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

I'm a winter person myself (I know, I'm weird), haha. The thing about living in Queensland, is that it's a lot warmer than the other states that I've been to in winter. So I would move to Victoria, during my holidays to keep cool and classy, haha. Summer for me, is only great for cooling off in the beach eating mango's and watermelons. NAMNAMS!.

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

haha oh Queensland doesn't have a real winter! I heard on the weather report that Brisbane was going to have the coldest August day since 2006 - 21oC!!!!!!! It's true though - the best thing about summer is the beach, mangoes and watermelons!

It's definitely a good idea to get sunlight into your skin and eyes during winter if you can! There is a bit of info on this factsheet about the getting the SADs (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

There is a story on Youth Beyond Blue from a young person who thinks they might have SAD....

Online Community Manager

Re: Beating the Winter Blues

I HATE QLDs winter. I love the cold weather and we never get enough of it! This week it's been warm enough to wear shorts and a tshirt - in August! The last two days have been a bit cooler though. Smiley Happy I just love being able to snuggle under a blanket.