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Being dumped

I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis and let me tell you... heartbreak is so much worse 

Re: Being dumped

Yep, it sucks pretty hard.  Are you ok @Pathetic123?


We have a fact sheet about coping with a break up here that you may find helpful. 

Re: Being dumped

Hi @Pathetic123

Welcome to ReachOut! Going through a break up is really tough ( I know from experience ) If you ever want to talk about what you are going through there are so many people hear who are willing to listen 😊 


It took me a long time to get over my heartbreak but what helped me was I tried to remember all of the things I enjoyed doing like playing sport and playing music and being with friends. These took my mind of the person and the situation and I felt much better for it. Can I ask if there is anything you enjoy doing in your free time that might help distract you. 


Another thing that I did was just talk about everything I was feelings, there was always someone there to listen and maybe offer some advice. I think it is fantastic that you have joined the ReachOut community because now you have a great way to just get all of your feelings out there and off your chest.


Icecream1 😀


Re: Being dumped

@Pathetic123, really sorry to hear you're going through so much heartache Smiley Sad 


Along with the others who have replied to you, I also understand the pain of a break up (and may be going again through it soon because of circumstances). 


@Icecream1 has some really good ways of recovering slowly from the pain, and the distractions are definitely what helped me as well. Trying to actively make yourself busy and not think about that person, is firstly forceful, and then begins to feel natural as time passes by.

It's never easy unfortunately, but by surrounding yourself with good friends, or supportive family members, it can really bring some relief.


I hope you know we are all here to talk to you, and support you during such a tough time! <3

Re: Being dumped

hi @Pathetic123, how are you going?

Re: Being dumped

just some advice after being dumped is to let out all your tears and depressing moments.. do thinsg that make you happy. ive been single for two days and thats the only two things that have helped me most. i hate this feeling. i seriously do. and i think you would to..


Re: Being dumped

Hey @Breesy12 welcome to RO, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a break up and I can see you have made a separate thread seeking assistance here. Just an FYI, I did have to edit your below post due to our community guidelines:


  • Never reveal any personal details of your own or others. Keep your address, school/home, phone number, email address, facebook and other social networking info and screen names private. Never compromise someone else’s privacy. Don’t post identifying images or your full name or the names of other people you know. You are responsible for keeping yourself anonymous on all areas of

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Heart

Re: Being dumped

I got dumped 2 days ago by my partner im still sad and upset but joining this community has helped though it it's still earlier days i have classmates that i talk to and you people i talk this is like a way to get all the things off your chest and not to be judged im distracting myself by talking to you people and yputube and not to think of the person the relationship i was in was not a good one i told my teacher what happend and he feels sorry and wishes all the best for me im sure in time i will find someone that loves me and wants to hung out with me and be proud to have me in there life Smiley Happy 

Re: Being dumped

Hey @Nightruner23 I am sorry to hear about your break up. Break ups are a very intense form of grief so no doubt this is a very painful time. What have you got planned for tonight?


You are a wonderful human being... You will find another incredible person one day and in the mean time you have time to get to know yourself and focus on the things you enjoy Smiley Happy


We're all here to listen as you need Heart

Re: Being dumped


Hey @Bree-RO what i have got planned for tonight is focus on myself watch youtube talk to you's and friends and do the things i enjoy 😊