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Re: Being mistreated

Thanks for updating us @honky!

It's hard when it's someones personality isn't it!

Sometimes I just think to myself, why can't that person just be a nice and caring person haha. 

It would make all our lives easier if everyone was nice!

Please keep us updated if anything else happens or if you have the chat with the teacher!

Re: Being mistreated

Thank you @Esperanza67 &  @missep, you guys have given me confidence to tell my teacher. I think I will tell her. I'll let her know when I see her next, and keep you guys updated.

Thanks so much for the love Heart

Re: Being mistreated

Yay @honky!

I hope it goes well Smiley Very Happy 

No problem at all Smiley Happy We're always here to support you! 

Re: Being mistreated

I hope you're able to let your teacher know @honky and I hope your placement went OK on Friday Smiley Happy

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Re: Being mistreated

Thanks for the update @honky!


I agree with @Esperanza67 I think your teacher will be understanding, and I don't think she will tell you off. 


Good luck with the rest of your placement. But do keep us updated Smiley Happy

Re: Being mistreated

he has no rights to treat you like that!!! he must envy how good u r at ur job. be a bit of a dare-devil and talk to the manager about everything you know, what he does when he leaves u alone and how he treats u. but ask them not to tell anyone that YOU put up the complaint- he can't do anything to physically hurt u while the uni has CCTV cameras. give it some time...

Re: Being mistreated

Hey guys, thank you so much for your support. I had built up the courage before class to tell her...but because it was our last class she was in a very happy mood.. and so I couldn't have the courage to bring it up and ruin her mood. I also found out that she may not be teaching again next year, so I think she is busy doing other stuff. So now, I just kind of feel lost. Seems like I'll just have to suck it up. 


My placement last week, was alright. I got to go out, so didn't get to see him much. But when we got back his presence, changed my mood dramatically. But  I'm almost there. 

Re: Being mistreated

Hey @honky, thanks for updating us on your situation! Please don't feel like sucking it up is your only option, I really encourage you to tell your teacher about your situation, especially since it could really bring you closure in this situation. I also think that telling her won't impair her mood, like I've said previously, it is a serious issue after all.

How many more days do you have left of your placement? Congrats on getting this far, you're almost there Smiley Happy
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Re: Being mistreated

Thank you for the update @honky!

It's a really tough situation, I'm really happy you built up the courage though. 

If the placement gets distressing or makes you more upset please make sure to tell someone and take care of yourself!

How much longer until it's done?

Re: Being mistreated

hey @missep & @Esperanza67, thank you so much.  I'm due to finish this Friday, finally woooogiphy