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Re: Beliveing the negitives.

that's a lot of drama for anyone to handle. i don't think i know what to do either. i didn't experience much of that in school at all but i'm in uni now and i look back and think how different things are now. and that'll be the same for you as well. relationships come and go sometimes for better and worse. i guess if i could go back in time and tell my younger self something it'd probably be to stay strong, ignore other peoples ignorances/hate/rudeness etc cause that's how i normally deal with things and just do what you have to do to get by. find a sport, join a club, meet likemiinded people who DO appreciate you. and if those people who were mean to you did it purposely than it's their loss and i'd be so ashamed if i were them. you don't deserve to be treated like period. no one does. if it takes a call to kidshelpline to get you back on your feet ... DO IT ! it you need to see a counsellor ... DO IT ! there are people who want to help and sometimes you gotta make the first step. give it a go you've got nothing to lose. hopefully i'll see you around on the forum