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Re: Betrayed by close friends

Very very late update:

I thought things were getting better.

basically my parents walked into my room and it was obviously I had been crying. They refused to leave until I explained this issue i had with my ‘friend’ my mum asked if she should call her the school and I said no but she did anyway. I had to talk to the year advisor and it was super awkward and unhelpful. Especially because my main issue with this person is when she’s at youth group. She decided that the CHRISTIAN youth group that I invited her to once a year and a half ago was an opportunity to meet guys and has been causing drama by dating people from youth group and flirting with people in relationships. She completely refuses to take responsibility for her actions and always blames the other person. 


My really close friend who I thought would always stick by me no matter what is still saying she’s on my side when I talk to her but as soon as the mean ‘friend’ is around it doesn’t appear that way. She says she’s just playing along because she doesn’t like confrontation but it feels like she just doesn’t value me enough to cut off someone who is constantly hurting me. I talked to her about it once (over text. I can’t do it in person without crying) and it was really really hard.


i don’t want to seem over dramatic but recently I listened to a speech about depression and anxiety and I could relate so so much to almost everything she said like negative self talk, major trouble sleeping, having things hit in waves, not feeling like myself. It really freaked me out and I couldn’t tell anyone about it because I didn’t want to burden them.


on the plus side my really close friend is moving schools next year which i am really sad about but I’m just so sick of watching her be manipulated by my ‘friend’ and this makes it easier to stay away from ‘friend’ 

Re: Betrayed by close friends

Hi @Jane_the_cat 


I'm really sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time with your friends Heart  It sounds like what has been happening at youth group is really starting to wear you down. Are there some other people you can hang out with at youth group for a little while? Just so you can get a break from it while you're not feeling the best. 


You mentioned relating to the talk about depression and anxiety - I just want to let you know that you're not being dramatic by saying that. Identifying what is going on for you emotionally is the first step to improving the situation Heart Do you think you could talk to your parents about the negative self talk, trouble sleeping and not feeling like yourself? It sounds like they care about you a lot.