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Binge eating doing my head in!!!!!

Hi Peeps,


I suffer with bulimia however I haven't purged for a cpl of months but I'm still binge eating and its really doing my head in. I'm a personal trainer and right into my fitness and being healthy, about 2 years ago I had a breakdown and my bulimia came back with a vengance. I managed to just swap my addiction from eating, smoking, drinking and drugs. I had stop all those had been smoke free and binge free and acholol free for a few years until my very bad relationship.


I'm ready to stop again as the last few weeks have been crazy, I have a sore mouth from the amount of chocolate I'm eating and I'm always wanting more, considering I have been really really healthy at one stage this is really hard, and sometimes I just want to curl up into a ball and not wake up from it.


I think that sugar addiction is so bad globally and would love to be rid of the white death once and for all.


Re: Binge eating doing my head in!!!!!

Hi @flippa 


Welcome to


I am sorry things are hard for you. Thank you for reaching out.


I also have urges to do destructive things. One thing I do to manage it is by delaying the urge being carried out. Urges comes in waves. At one point it is strong, but if you hang in there, the urge spills over and comes back down. So, before you decided to head into the kitchen and grab a bar of chocolate, could you try and sit with the feeling for 5 secs longer? When the 5 secs is over, tell yourself "I am doing well, just another 5 seconds." Eventually the urge would pass.


Another strategy I would use is distraction. I thinking reading a book helps. It definitely takes my mind off all of reality, including the urges. Do you have a favourite novel you could get your mind hooked on when you felt like binging?




Re: Binge eating doing my head in!!!!!

Hi  @flippa 


It is great to hear you have bounced back from bullimic episodes before, so hopefully you can see that you do have some inner strength to reach a good point with food again. Healthy eating and body image is constantly in our faces from TV, to magazines, to the internet. There are alot of pressures to be healthy and maintain this - but as humans we all fall off the bandwagon so to speak. I am victim of this too. I got great for months and then boom its is a slippery slope...


Doris mentioned some helpful tips already.

One thing i find with controlling my urges for bad food - in particular sugar is to not buy it. Therefore I avoid the lolly aisle and biscuit aisle at the supermarket. I dont take change to work to avoid the vending machine. These are only small things but they seem to work (most of the time).


Re: Binge eating doing my head in!!!!!

Hey @flippa 


I'm sorry to hear how difficult things are for you at the moment. I think the suggestions so far have been really valuable. Riding the wave of the craving is something that can be used when someone is struggling with compulsive behaviour. Cravings only last about 30 minutes, on average, so if you're able to distract or delay for that period of time, often the intense feelings will pass.


Have you tried The Butterfly Foundation? They have a support line 1800 33 4673 Monday–Friday 9am to 5pm. You might find talking to them helps.



Re: Binge eating doing my head in!!!!!

Hey flippa,


Sorry to hear that things have been hard. I don't really have any personal experience with binge eating, but from what I understand and have heard, it sounds like the compulsion to binge is a bit like the compulsion to engage in other self destructive activities. I struggled with some self destructive stuff for a long time, and I found that learning distress tolerance skills was incredibly useful in learning to overcome urges without engaging in destructive behaviours. The others here have offered some ideas already, like distraction and delaying the behaviour. There's some really good self help modules for binge eating that you might find helpful - this is a good one to start with.... it's definitely worth a look. 


Also, I'm wondering whether you've considering checking in with your GP and having a chat with them about what's been going on. They might be able to give you some ideas about curbing cravings, or perhaps refer you to a dietician who can help. It might also be a good idea to get some physical tests done - dramatic changes in your diet can have all kinds of effects on someone's health.


Take care Smiley Happy