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Blowing up at everything........

I am having issues with my  short fuse and temper, I seem to blow at minor things as well major things.....I can't hold my temper anymore as all my life have been made restrain my frustrations and now that has turned a rage and fury that I can't control.


I have medications for it but I am fearing that If I try mix with soceity in the public I will blow and get in heaps of trouble, even my parents feel I may  get in trouble if there's no one to phyically restrain me. As I have gotten so mad over nothing, for example a late bus I'd be grumbling and cursing under my breath or  if more  phyical  such as a abusive pushy person there are  time I'd get so mad that I want  shove him/her or belt him! This is when I need someone hold me back or destract me from doing so!!!


Timetables is another, say if my moms changes a time when she told me earier she'll later, I'd end up blowing a fit.....espiecally when she says she'll pick me up and at the last few minutes she says take public transport, I take public transport but in a really black mood..

.Usually I am ok if I am at home, or doing something I like, but now I started to get cheesed off if  I stuff somthing up. Plus I hate certin odd weather changes ie:thunderstorms!!!! They send me irrate!!!!~

Re: Blowing up at everything........

Hi snuffles. Sounds like you've identified that things are changing and getting more difficult for you to keep under control. Have you told your doctor that prescribed you the medications about your concerns about going out into society and blowing up in public? It's really important that your doctors knows that even with your medication you still feel like you can not control your anger. The doctor needs to know so they can maybe try a different approach that will help you better or add something new into your treatment like therapy. I think you've described your situation really well here - you could even show your doctor this post if you find it too difficult to say out loud. Have a chat with your doctor and let us know how it goes. You've always been someone who came to when you needed it so that makes me think you might be better at looking after your self than you realise. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us...

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Re: Blowing up at everything........

Hey Snuffles,


I read your post and was able to relate to it. I too get frustrated with things that can't be helped. Mine is part of a physical condition and the result of some medications, but my feelings are still very similar to yours. Fortunately I've been able to use some techniques that have helped me.


Firstly, I always make sure to explain to my friends that I get easily frustrated sometimes and why.They're usually really understanding so when I ask them to stop clicking their pen or remove myself from frustrating situations they have a really good understanding of why. Sometimes I accidentely snap at them without meaning to and so I always make sure to apologise afterwards, but mostly I try not to put myself in that situation in the first place.


I also really got into relaxation training. So I can train my mind to switch off when something is under my skin. The worst part of frustration for me was the physical response, the crawling skin, grinding teeth, my mind yelling at me etc, so doing some progressive muscle relaxation helps too. Plus these days I make time to relax at least twice for a few minutes, which helps me to calm down in general.


Removing yourself from situations can be simple but effective.


Having someone to express your frustrations to that won't judge you. Mine is a combination of my Mum and my psychologist.


Listening to music! Reading a book! Watching a comedy or something that gets your mind off being angry etc.


I think Sophie's suggestion of talking to your health care team about your feelings is important. Being angry and frustrated can be hard to deal with by yourself and having someone who can help can be so... well helpful!


Have you got any sure fire ways that help you overcome your anger?








Re: Blowing up at everything........

Hi snuffles,

You’re saying that you take medication for your anger so how did you feel before you were taking them? Have you noticed a positive, neutral or negative change in your thoughts and behaviour? It’s really important that you speak with the medical professional that prescribed them to you to ensure they are having the desired effect.

Also, check out this for some helpful information on how to cope with anger issues. You’re not alone on this one.


Re: Blowing up at everything........

Hello Mod


I have seen the Dr Pych......The want to put me meds up, but I refused as I am on a truckload meds to begin with. They are thinking  putting under the care of their phycologist for sleep issues and anger problems, I agreed to that idea.


Belive it or not, I get start getting angry whist on computer, say forgetting a password or having issues with winning a game, gotta admit I am a sore loser!!!! I hate losing at anything, it is enough send my anger soaring. Now a days anything get me!!!! 

Re: Blowing up at everything........

Hi Snuffles,


If they have suggested that you see a psychologist for your anger and sleep issues, then this will likely be your best option for the long-term. Maybe you could speak to this psychologist about what particular things make you angry so you can address the underlying reason as to why you automatically feel and act like this.


When you first feel yourself getting angry, try and relax (, just focus on anything besides the thing that started frustrating you. If you don’t feel like you have calmed down you could call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 anytime 24/7.


Let us know how you go, and I do hope these techniques help you.