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Boyfriend Problem

I've been told different things about what my boyfriend has done whilst we are dating, but there is one where i dont know what to do. He apparently sent pictures (naked) to a girl a week ago. she then strangly messaged me say 'im sorry'.


I dont know what to do about him and the sitiuation



Re: Boyfriend Problem

Hey @choobydoo - welcome to Reach Out Smiley Happy


So it sounds like your boyfriend has been doing some pretty sneaky stuff if what people have told you is true! Have you approached him about it? Relationships are built on trust and respect, and if you're feeling like those elements aren't there it might be time to reconsider the relationship. You could start by asking yourself some of the questions in this factsheet about dealbreakers and what you're willing to compromise on. If sending naked photos to other people isn't on that list, you have to let him know!



Re: Boyfriend Problem

hi @ElleBelle 


i have confronted him about it and he is denying it, i think he is telling the truth but why would she private message me saying sorry i just dont understand it

Re: Boyfriend Problem

Have you asked her if he sent her photos and what the circumstances were? It sounds like she's willing to discuss it if she reached out to you first.

Re: Boyfriend Problem

Hey @choobydoo and welcome to ReachOut!

What a predicament! Did this girl say why she was sorry or just "I'm sorry."? If not, asking her why she is sorry will help you clear things up to make sure you are all on the same page, even if it's apparently because of the pictures, getting clarification would be a good idea. Another thing is getting proof. If this is just a rumor, asking for as many details as you can, getting proof, dates, times, anything the rumor will most likely fall apart or you'll come to the truth. If there is a picture, find out when it was taken, because it could be anything. Just getting all the details is important.
Yeah, like @ElleBelle mentioned above, asking her about it, the details, will hopefully clear things up.

When confronting your boyfriend, did you mention the apologetic text from the girl? Maybe if you tell him, he might have an answer for you.

Re: Boyfriend Problem

Hey @choobydoo
I agree with everyone here. I would get as much information from this girl as possible because some girls just want to cause friction in your relationship. So before making any decisions get as much evidence as you can.

If people are telling you different things about him, I would be a little concerned too because its easy to dismiss one person saying something but if its more than one person then that sounds a bit suspicious.

What do you feel in your gut is right for you?
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Boyfriend Problem

hey @choobydoo - it must be pretty confusing hearing that your boyfriend is sending pictures to other girls but then when you're asking him he's denying it. it's hard to know what the "real" story is! i think you've come to the right place for some support and advice.


if you are comfortable speaking to this other girl, then definitley do that to get a little bit more information about why she sent you the sorry message, but i think if you get nowhere after that it might just be easy to go with your "gut" feeling... if you think your boyfriend is telling the truth then tell him what you've heard about the photos again, say you believe him, but explain that this is something you really wouldn't condone in a relationship if it were to ever happen. let him know what your beliefs are and be clear on your stance with him sending photos of himself like this to others.


relationships are really tricky, and i think sometimes if you really care about them it's worth giving them the benefit of the doubt if you believe they are telling the truth. but as @ElleBelle said be aware of what the dealbreakers are and communicate that with your partner. this is just my own opinion, but it all really depends on how you feel and whether you do feel like you can trust him.


and remember... you are important, so make sure while you're dealing with all this you are looking after yourself by getting enough sleep, proper nutrition etc Cat Tongue