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Lately, I've been going through a really tough period. It's like I've reached my breaking point, I can't manage life. I can't manage everything that's going on. I'm so depressed. It's killing me. I've been highly anxious, I've been feeling really angry. I don't know what to do. It's all so overwhelming. I just want to give up. 

Re: Breakdown

Hey @Creativegirl12 sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time right now. What's been going on that's getting you down?

Re: Breakdown

Everything sucks. Depression + life stress = more depression. I spiral down really rapidly. I'm also a uni student, which doesn't make anything easier. So should I really care? Maybe I do care. But I've reached the point when I can't try.

Re: Breakdown

I find that when you look at all your problems as one big singular hunk of stress, it will definitely look overwhelming. We are all guilty of doing this.


My friend gave me some really good advice that I found really helpful in these situations and i've come to adopt this method to help organise my own life.


Look at your problems/tasks individually. Write them down and begin to simplify each one, what's involved to make the problem go away? 


Start with the ones that need your most urgent attention. The ones that are a problem but can be dealt with later on, you put it out of your head and not worry about it.


And then it's just a matter of getting it done one step at a time. One word at a time for your essay. One strike at a time, if you're chopping down a tree.


It's a great way to manage your stress, goals, life in general and I highly recommend you give it a try. Smiley Happy


I really think you should give yourself more credit. Be confident that you can and will manage the things going on. When it does get too much take a step back and relax, don't worry about it for a couple of hours. At Reachout we always talk about the importance of self care. Sorry for the long reply, I really hope that you found some of this helpful Smiley Happy 


Re: Breakdown

Hey @Creativegirl12 


I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a rough patch. I'm wondering if you have some support persons in your life you might be able to contact - like close friends or even a psychologist?


Can you think of anything you have done in the past that has helped you get through tough times? Does it help you to write things down, or go somewhere new for the day?


Don't forget there is always lifeline


and Suicide Call Back Service


We are thinking of you here at ReachOut.


Re: Breakdown

Hey @Creativegirl12 


I'm so sorry how crap thing are at the moment and reaally glad that you posted what's going on for you.

What do you find works for you? Sometimes really little things like a visit to Positive - Negatives can make a small difference to how you feel.

What can you think of that might help?

Re: Breakdown

@NutellaBuster I've been trying to work through minimising stress, for example I'm thinking of dropping a unit this semester, maybe it will ease depression some. It's already hard enough to deal with depression. I don't feel up to taking a full time student load.

@Ianejane I've been trying to reach out lately. My mental health is affected my physical health too. Which doesn't help the situation. I suffer from migraines, and it can make me queasy. Writing does help some. I used express myself through poetry, but I gave up. Because I guess I lost motivation. But I can write, even if I don't write a poem. I pretty much stay at uni, don't go far on the weekend, I could try going somewhere when I feel up to it, having a migraine is not helpful.

@Nigio I think I needed a breather. Since my focus has been really bad, I can't absorb myself in books. Maybe I'll watch a movie. Pray. Breathe etc.

Re: Breakdown

Hey @Creativegirl12,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. Migraines are the worst. Smiley Sad Have you checked out one of the RO art challenges over in Hanging Out? I haven't looked at it in a few days, but there should be a few different challenges up now. One of them might give you a fun creative outlet that doesn't need to take up a lot of concentration.

Sometime I like to do when I'm feeling depressed and unable to focus is find a nice green grassy place, preferably in a garden with some lovely trees and flowers, and then just lie on the ground, listening and looking up at the sky and the flowers and the trees. It's amazing how calming I find it, being around trees! I hope you find something that helps you as much. Smiley Happy



Re: Breakdown


Re: Breakdown

@Creativegirl12 sorry to hear things are crappy right now Smiley Sad make sure you take time out for yourself and dont let everything get really overwhelming! Sometimes little steps and good steps. And like you said, taking time to breathe, pray etc is also helpful. 


Writing lists helps my anxiety, if your a visual kind of person, than that might be something you can try!


Make sure you keep us updated with how things go.