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Bulimia recovery

Over the past five years, I have had just about every eating disorder you can think of. After around two years of bulimia, I've discovered, after trying to stop for the past few months, that I can't digest anything anymore- whether I try to or not, I throw up all my food anyway. The vomiting is progressive- rather than all in the one sitting, it will come up mouthful by mouthful for hours until theres nothing but blood coming up. Is this an unusual side effect? (Sorry about the disgusting topic)

Re: Bulimia recovery



first of all, congratulations on trying to stop - that's a really big thing. It will take some time and patience, and make sure you take note of any progress you make, no matter how small - because it will serve as encouragement Smiley Happy


Secondly, it's not "unusual" for people with bulimia to have digestion problems, I'm not sure about yours specifically (I'm not a doctor), but this might not get better if left untreated. You need to go to the emergency department of a hospital ASAP - and make sure you're honest about your eating disorder so they can give you an accurate diagnosis. The sooner you get this sorted out, the sooner you can concentrate on recovery.


Good luck x



Re: Bulimia recovery

Hi Jovial-despair,

thanks for taking the time to come on here and talk about what's going on. Bulimia is a terrible disorder that can be very difficult to break out of, so it's great to hear you are trying to stop.

As you can read about in our factsheet on the subject (, bulimia can cause some physical damage to the body, including stomach ulcers. The fact that you are vomiting blood could be a sign of a stomach ulcer and I recommend you see a local GP as soon as possible.

Please let us know how it goes and best of luck.


Re: Bulimia recovery

Binky, I have removed your post as it violates our community guidelines. We cannot offer specific medical advice here on Reach Out. Please take a moment to review the guidelines here: