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Hello, loner_pie_chick here!


I may sound all upbeat in my forum posts, because I am most of the time! Until the name calling and teasing starts again... im ok at the moment, but about a year ago, I got verbally abused because I was trying to help my best friend in a tough situation... it died down until about 2 weeks ago when I tried to calm a fight down that was escalating on Facebook. The girls started abusing me again and threatened to bash me, for the (at least) 5th time. I've been ignoring them, and avoiding them to prevent confliction and a fight and its been helping.

It's started again yesterday, but with another person... a boy. He is teasing me because I like another boy... I don't get it! It's not any of his business who I like... but it hurt even more when one of my best male friends joined it... he has since apologized but I still don't get why he joined in. I get so mad!! I don't get why they can't leave me alone. I'm not into self-harming or suicidal tendencies because I believe that is just giving in to them. I'll update if there is any more teasing

~loner_pie_chick Smiley Happy

Re: Bullies...

Hey @loner_pie_chick 


Im sorry to hear you are having trouble with bullies, it can such a hard thing to work through sometimes. It sounds like these people are facing their own insecurities, people act out with threatening behaviour and unkindness when they themselves have issues in their lives,  sometimes it helps to remember that when people are acting in this way, it has much more to do with them than it does with you - of course this doesnt completely take the pain or the worry away.


I think you are amazing for standing up for people when they need it, both online and in person, you are doing a great job at standing up to bullying! Its really important though that you practice self care in these situations, if you feel like a situation is escalating or you cant deal with it alone, speak  to someone you trust about the situation, a different perspective often helps and its good to have someone to back you up or listen if you need it.


Also check out these fact sheets, they might have some tips you could use:

Conflict with friends:




I really hope things get better for you, I'm glad your friend apologised, it may take a little time but hopefully you can rebuild that friendship. You sound like such a strong and kind person, so if and when people try to put you down try to remind yourself of this!


Keep us updated,

Chels Smiley Happy

Re: Bullies...

Hey  @loner_pie_chick , i'm sorry to hear that you have to experience such horrible bullying for sticking up for a friend and doing the right thing. In most cases people bully others because they have personal weaknesses and battles they can't confront and unfortunately let it out on others. I would definitely look at the resources @chelsb provided they can be very helpful. 

I would honestly seek my parents advice if the bullying is escalting or if it is happening at school your teachers would be a great point of help. You have to stand up to the bullies so they know you wont tolerate the behaviour. I'm glad your friend apoligized for joining in the bullying, he must of realised what he done was hurtful and wrong which is good.

I really love how you said "I'm not into self-harming or suicidal tendencies because I believe that is just giving in to them" that is very strong and resilent of you. It is amazing to see your strength, I truly believe you can get past this.

Stay strong and do your best to ignore them. All the best 

Re: Bullies...

...the girls that have been teasing u r simply weak they tease you because of their insecurities those that group up and bully one person disgusts me it makes them feel strong however its pathetic ..they will continue with hollow threats but still i ask that you be careful sometimes hollow threats can very quickly escalate i give u my best wishes from over here