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Bullying Again

More bullying happened today. Some "lovely" kids decided to be bullies. Someone kept whipping his hat in my eyes which was a pain in the arse. (The hat whipping, not the person). Went into maths with my hair over my face to hide that I was almost crying. Just sick of this fracking bullschivitch. Sick of everything. Had HPE and ran harder than I should have. Had chest pains and stomach pains and head pains and was dizzy and seeing spots. I didn't even run very far it was only four hundred metres. Just had a frapping terrible day. And, my best friend kept yelling at me and telling me to f off.

Re: Bullying Again

Hi @Zeldasmile

I'm sorry to hear that you did not have great day at school today. I know you mentioned in your previous post that you have brought up the topic of bullying to your friends and teachers and no one has done anything about it.

My first question is whether anyone noticed that somebody was whipping their hat into your eyes. 

And I was also wondering if you have a school psychologist that you could talk to at school? 




Re: Bullying Again

Darn that sounds horrendous @Zeldasmile but you got through it! So you should be proud of that! Going into maths is bad enough already but you had to deal with all that hat whipping before...You are stronger than you think/believe. 


Head pains, feeling dizzy is not about how far you ran. It's just the intensity. If you went hard out and your brain isn't receiving enough oxygen through your breathing then your symptoms are likely. 


Do you have any methods to relax? Reading? Drawing? Watching TV? Music? Anything that still makes you happy or something that keeps your mind busy?

Re: Bullying Again

Yeah I went and told a teacher just after it happened. I don't know if my school has a psychologist. Even if they do, I don't really like the idea of psychologists which I know is stupid. I like to relax by being on here, drawing, and watching YouTube. I listen to music but not new rubbish I listen to Billy Joel and Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel. 

Re: Bullying Again

@Zeldasmile It's good to hear that you have some hobbies and activities which can help you in your self-care and that you have told your teacher about the incident. 


I don't think it is stupid if you don't like the idea of psychologists as sometimes our attitudes towards health professionals can be based on our own past experiences or what we hear from our own social network. 


How are you doing this weekend? Have you talked to your best friend recently?

Re: Bullying Again

I'm good thanks. I was talking to my best mate yesterday but he wasn't listening much. How are you?

Re: Bullying Again

I'm feeling good as well. I've been making some progress on homework, started reading a new book and watched some videos today too. Thinking I might go to bed earlier tonight to catch up on sleep. Smiley Happy

Do you know why your best mate wasn't paying attention to what you were saying?

Re: Bullying Again

@ryvb3 no not really

Re: Bullying Again

@Zeldasmile It's okay to not know because as humans we are not mind readers. 

I guess what I was trying to get at was whether your best friend was distracted at the time. Like maybe they were playing games while you were trying to talk to them. Or maybe something you said made him angry and he yelled at you. From these suggestions, does anything come to mind?


Of course, if you don't feel comfortable talking about it, that's okay.

What I would like to know is how have you been this week?

Re: Bullying Again

I've been really good thank you, how have you been? I suppose he just doesn't really like to show that we're friends around other people so he just ignores me sometimes. I've always kind of been the odd one out in just about everything so its understandable. I was talking to him yesterday and today privately and he was listening which was good. Smiley Happy