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Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being the Bully

@letitgo you summed it up perfectly!


Name calling is the worst! I still remember getting one of those stupid pimples right on the tip of my nose and being called 'Rudolf' in year 7. I hate how crappy stuff sticks in your mind like that grr. Its so encouraging to see that you have really thought about what happened back in the day, sometimes it annoys me how I can be so rational today; if only I had figured it out sooner! but at least we can see that we are growing as people Smiley Happy


Thank you so much for speaking out, I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to do so. 

Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being the Bully

@AprilScarlet Thank you!


I totally know what you mean about the little things sticking with you. One time a girl said that I had a face like a rat, and even thought it was years ago in high school, I still think about it often.

I guess the important thing is that we're all trying to offer compassion to ourselves and others, even (especially) when that might be difficult. 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being the Bully

Hey everyone! Smiley Happy

Thought I might as well share a quick story too.
(I'm in year 10 right now)

I moved schools again towards the end of year 4 to this crappy little primary school. Being the new kid at the time everyone in year 4 wanted to play chasie and stuff and suss me out. Through the 60 or so 4th graders, I chose B, C & D to be my friends along with a couple others.
They were actually really awesome for a period of time, then we started drifting apart, D left and started hanging out with girls and B and C would kinda talk about me behind my back etc..
It was around then that another kid in the same year level stared picking on me. I was hoping my "friends" would step in and tell him to get lost and stick up for me, but nope, they actually joined his side and bullied me to the point where I was scared to leave class or even come to school.This bully would follow me to the toilets and threaten my life and throw stuff at me and attempt to start fights with me and everything.

Far out, good times Smiley Happy

Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being the Bully

@RandomName What an unpleasant thing to have to go through. Thank you for sharing that with us. I hope those "friends" are out of your life now.

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being the Bully


Yeah they're way out of my life now. I moved to a completely different high school and haven't seen them since year 6 graduation Smiley Happy

Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being the Bully

This is such an awesome thread @AprilScarlet !!

During primary school I was bullied a fair bit. I never really had a solid friend group; it changed every year and there was always a really dark period each year where my friends would abandon me or tease me. Looking back on it though I realised it actually made me a really strong person (emotionally) and forced me to be really 'picky' with my friends (i.e. not be with friends who will tease me). That has extended into my life now where I will not accept any form of homophobia from anybody.


Furthermore, I created a program at school where students can report cases of bullying that either happened to them or that they saw. It goes straight to their Year Coordinator and it gives the students another way of getting their feelings off of their chest.


Hope this helps other people going through similar things. Smiley Happy 

Re: Bullying; Being Bullied and being called the Bully

Hey @tomo_13, so good to see how you've reflected on that experience in such a positive way. Strength through adversity, what an awesome concept!


The program you created sounds unreal as well, well done.