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Can't do homework

I don't know why, but I can't seem to get anything done. I'm trying to write up my assessment task right now, but I can't get down a single sentence. I'm interested in the topic (geography and climate change) and it should really only take me maybe 10 minutes to finish it all up- I've just got the conclusion to do but it's taken me weeks to write a total of maybe 5 paragraphs which I should be able to do in probably a few hours.

It's not even just this task either, I can't complete anything without giving up or losing concentration. 

I know recently we've been discussing study stress and how to get work done but nothing's working for me right now and it's got me feeling pretty down. Like I'm motivated to do the task (I like the topic, I want to get a good mark, I want to not have to worry about it anymore) but it's like my brain just isn't working how it should.

Any advice would be appreciated, just how to get out of a slump and do the stuff that I need to get done?

Re: Can't do homework

My sympathies, I definitely get slumps like this Smiley Sad


This might not be useful at all (if so sorry, please disregard), but this is something that helps me when doing essays/ written assessments. I usually start by just writing down very roughly any starting point I've got, then add detail/ polish the language later. My starting point is often just how I'll structure the essay/ paragraph, then I add in information/ points I'll include, then I figure out how I'll word it. I usually start in a different colour, then once I've got a sentence to the point I'm happy with the wording for the final product I'll change it to black.


For me it makes it seem a bit less overwhelming, and having some kind of structure (especially colour coded) that I can just gradually fill in the blanks for makes it easier to engage with it at whatever level I'm able to

Re: Can't do homework

Hey @not-an-otter 


I can really relate, I am going through the same thing with my uni assessments that are due, I look back at the hours at work and think how have I not done more. I think what @hellofriend has suggested is great about having a structure. I find I get so caught up on coming up with my ideas and trying to make it sound perfect.


Recently I have tried to give myself a time limit and just smash out what I can, even if at the time I think it isn't great I just write. When I read it back I have found that most of it was good and just needed a bit tweaking, for me having a time limit on how long I will spend on something helps.


We have our ask a pro live on tonight about study stress, I reckon there will be a few new ideas for all us Heart

Re: Can't do homework

Thank you both @hellofriend and @Claire-RO
I am trying out the structure colour-coded plan now and so far it's working so I'll let you know how it goes soon.
I think that what might work for me is to set super small time limits (like 20 seconds or less) and just write words so thank you for the idea- I hope it goes well

Re: Can't do homework

Massive thank you to @hellofriend  and @Claire-RO  thank to you both I got my assessment task done, so I will definitely be using the colour coded plan structure in the future, thank you so much Heart


Re: Can't do homework

hahaha just realised I had been working for an hour on what should have been a 20 minute task

Re: Can't do homework

@not-an-otter that's great to hear, I am hoping to submit one of mine tonight, fingers crossed.

Big thank you to @hellofriend for your awesome tips Heart

Re: Can't do homework

I'm so glad you got your assessment task done @not-an-otter! Well done for getting through it! Smiley Happy