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Centrelink stressing me out

I forgot to tell Centrelink I transferred from a Diploma to a Bachelor and now they've asked me to update my study details, and I've tried doing it tonight but it's not working.


I only have until the 8th to update them and dealing with Centrelink already stresses me out as is and I'm worried I'm going to lose my benefits because it won't let me say I;m currently studying a new course. Idk what to do. Has anyone else dealt with this, I want reassurance this will all be okay because I'm already tight on money as is and idk if I can deal with having my money taken away again. I've already been homeless once, and I'm moving house soon and idk how imma move with no money.


I know I've gotta call them and all that but like I'm having a panic attack thinking about it and I don't know if it's going to be okay because what if I call and the people on the other end don't do anything?


Can anyone reassure me? Or give me mechanisms to calm myself down, cause I'm really, really anxious.


Re: Centrelink stressing me out

Hi @trashconverters sorry I wasn’t around last night - it sounds like you were feeling really anxious and distressed. Were you able to some self soothing or get some sleep? Heart


A couple of years ago I transferred degrees, too. I didn’t lose my benefits (I’m on youth allowance), I did have to sign what they called an ‘activity agreement’ which just stated what I was studying and the date I would finish it by. In my experience if you call the youth and students team (I believe the number is 132 490) they’re really helpful and will tell you everything you need to know. My advice would be to call soon after they open to minimise the waiting time! 


I would also suggest writing down the dates and details of any interactions you have with them, including the details of trying to update your details online. This way you have a record to show that you’ve been trying to do it. Perhaps this page could be helpful? Centrelink online update your study details


Also wondering if you’re seeing a psychologist or other health professional at the moment? They might be able to link you in with some social work services who could help if you need financial support with your move. Most universities will also have student welfare officers who can support you with Centrelink and help if you’re at risk of homelessness.