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Challenge my thoughts

So what I see when I go into the city are homeless people expecting others to support their living expenses without a guarantee its going to the right place, crowds of people walking towards their shopping destination making no eye contact with you or caring about you, boys yelling degrading things at girls, billboards advertising how somehow you aren't perfect and how they can provide that for you. Then I come home: all my housemates are absorbed in their own thing, playing games and wasting away their time here. I apply for jobs upon jobs, only to realise I will be working my whole life under some manager head if I don't get my own business. Try to create a business, my "best friend" turns on me and threatens to take legal action if I continue my dream business because I told others he has been lying and trying to break up me and my boyfriend. I was a leader in high school, I tried to inspire people to do good, and I cook for all my house mates, I help them in any way I can and I feel like I am never appreciated or given enough love back. I tell my boyfriend I've been feeling like I'm getting lost in this world and I don't feel like I can rise above giant coporations trying to control us, the fact we kill 60 billion animals a year and I'm teased for caring about animals and the environment, the fact abuse of all kinds are still very real on humans and animals, and charitys are sending most of their profits to admin to keep their status of "non-profit organisations", the majority of innocent homicides is from war, and no war kings go to court. Not only am I depressed by what I see, I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and am on medication so I stop hurting myself; hurting myself made my mind stop thinking of all the evils I think we are surrounded by.

So am I wrong? Is this world actually not out to get us?

Re: Challenge my thoughts

Hi Callofthepride


It sounds like you are taking on board a lot of issues society has. I have seen some people who are less advantaged than I am like people with no home to return to, individuals in abusive relationships, people working around the clock in thankless jobs. It is true that some things we see can be upsetting, but we can only do so much to make the situation better. We don't have to save the world but simply do our part in making the world just a little bit better. And Callofthepride you seem to be doing well here by trying to look after your housemates, fighting to better yourself by finding employement, talking to someone you trust (like your boyfriend) and caring for animals. However taking everything onboard can be stressful, so take it easy matey, one step at a time. Do what you can, we can't force other people into our will but as long as we do our part to help, that is all that matters. 


Good on you for seeing a therapist because that is a step to getting better. And no the world isn't out to get us. It may appear so sometimes but if you stay strong and stand your ground, no body can make you do anything you don't want to do. 


Oh, and welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around more Smiley Happy



Re: Challenge my thoughts

You, my friend, are one normal people; You can actually see that society is basically constructed on nothing but lies. It manouvers us into this deluded personality, a template for your thouhgts, behaviours, emotions, logics, and creativity that everyone thinks is the key to happiness; working for your whole life, sustaining an income that is going to pay for you living 'needs', finding a hot date, etc. Essentially, brainwashing us til we believe that conforming is the only way of life.

Yep, that's totally living....(sarcasm intended)


In simple terms, society's the biggest bull**** known to any excistence on earth.

But, you have basically said, there's no hope. Is there??

Well, I reckon the movie 'Into the Wild' would be a real eye opener for you. That movie made me realise that I wasn't going crazy, lol. There still is beauty in the world. You just gotta know how, and where to look.

Re: Challenge my thoughts

I'm a firm believer in creating your own destiny, callofthepride. Don't give up on your business dreams if that's the what you want for your future career! Some of the most successful entrepeneurs failed or had their plans thwarted before they achieved success.

Have you considered researching and getting involved with a charity you believe are actually making a difference? I'm involved with a couple of animal charities and even though I sometimes feel my involvement is just a drop in the ocean, I know I'm doing something positive to make this world one that I can live in happily.

Re: Challenge my thoughts

Hey there callofthepride,

Welcome to the RO forums. The way I see it is we are born in to a world that we initially had no control over. From that point onward we can only truly control ourselves to do what we want. Your question asks “am I wrong” and I wouldn’t straight out say “no”, but it seems like you may be overemphasizing the negatives. There are organisations that fight to protect animals, there are many boys (and girls) that treat others with respect and not everyone is driven by selfish and superficial needs. Ultimately, if you are displeased by what you see, than be the change you want to see in the world – the opportunities we all have in this modern day are extensive.