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Challenging Myself 2

Today I...


- Remembered my sleep meds

- Ate a chocolate croissant and tried to enjoy it

- Ate a calorie surplus despite my brain screaming at me to restrict


Today I didn't...


- Drink enough water

- Exercise 

- Remember my anxiety meds

- Say hi to someone I saw that I knew in town


Challenging Myself 2

Today I...

- Ate healthy foods to combat my current cold

- Rested to help myself feel better

- Deleted Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest for now

- Asked for a tissue despite my social anxiety telling me not to

- Remembered my anxiety meds

- Said a giant 'f you' to my ED and ate a calorie surplus


Today I Didn't


- Remember my sleeping meds

- Wear my retainer

- Stop myself going into the rabbit hole of social media

- Drink all my water

- Exercise/do yoga


Re: Challenging Myself 2

Hey @Blurryphaced 


Thanks for sharing. Awesome to hear you practiced some self-care yesterday. Smiley Happy


Re: Challenging Myself 2

@Blurryphaced  It's great that you remembered your sleep meds (it can be so hard trying to remember to take different medications) and tried some new things! Well done for challenging yourself! Smiley Happy


Re: Challenging Myself 2

@Blurryphaced well done!!


Re: Challenging Myself 2

Hi @Blurryphaced, I think it is great that you started this activity for yourself. I noticed you made two threads for the same activity with a different title, so I merged the threads Heart It is best to keep the same activity on the one thread to lessen confusion. It could be a way of reminding yourself of all that you have achieved. Feel free to change the title!

Re: Challenging Myself 2

Hey @Blurryphaced it's awesome that you're noticing some positives and things you've done well during your day and taking note of some goals or tasks you're hoping to improve on next time. There's a great thread on ReachOut called Three Positives of Today here that you might be interested in checking out Smiley Happy 


Is it okay if I check in with you to see how you are going?


Re: Challenging Myself 2

Challenging Myself 3


Today I ate salmon

and potatos with oil on them

and a vegetable bake with thick sauce on them

and I didn't even make and measure it

Today I ate Christmas cake 

and ice cream with fruit and nuts

and a lemon tart as well

my mind was telling my to panic and self harm and just scream and cry.

But I didn't 

I breathed 

I did it