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Re: Climate Change Anxiety: How to cope

Many of you will have heard of the fires that have been burning in the Amazon rainforest over the past number of days. There has been a lot of media reporting about this event, and I know of many people (including myself personally) who have experienced symptoms of anxiety in response to this. I believe now is a good time to bring back this thread to remind ourselves of the differences we can make to help the planet. Every conscious decision made, no matter how small, makes a big difference.


As confronting as the present events may be, there is also a great passion about making a difference to the environment to improve the quality of life for future generations. The video in @gina-RO's post is just one example of the concern that people have for the environment.


I'm very glad to be reminded of the positive changes that people are making in this thread, and I would be keen to hear what others have done to help the environment! Smiley Happy

Re: Climate Change Anxiety: How to cope

Thanks for bringing back this thread @mrmusic , I assume along with many others, I experienced complete heartbreak hearing about the Amazon rainforest fires. It is so important now more than ever to make our voices heard and demand change in our community and government. 


I feel as though I am someone who tends to take these events very personally and it truly breaks my heart hearing about the news. I find comfort in talking to my friends about these types of issues and encouraging each other to make a positive impact on the planet in our every day actions. 


In light of this negative news I would like to share this positive story here , where a floating pumice raft is floating towards the GBR and could provide the reef with new healthy coral and marine life. I think it is important to highlight the positives happening in the environment, especially when we are constantly hearing about negative events, to continue to give people hope for a positive future Heart