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Confused and alone

I have not been on here in a while as i have had a lot of things happen over the last few months. 

i was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour which completely sucks. I was then diagnosed last week with new tumours that have grown on my nerves. I have a condition called Neurofibromatosis its a condition where tumours grow at any time on my nerves, usually I will have them removed but since my brother died of the same condition last year my mum has been very strict on no more operations. 

I won't to get these removed as i want to live the best possible life i won't to enjoy things and stop being in pain but at the same time I'm arguing with my mum daily about having surgery i don't know what to do? do i go behind her back and just do the surgery?


i tried to reach out to a friend but she hasn't replied to me and its been over a week. I've tried to reach out and see if she is okay but still no reply. i feel like she doesn't care or doesn't want to know. i feel like I've lots the only one friend that was always there for me. 


Smiley Sad 


Re: Confused and alone

Hey @Talitha93, welcome back to the forums! I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I can imagine the pain you must be going through Smiley Sad.

What has your doctor said about surgery? Do they agree with you on this?

Also, to quickly clarify, you've tried reaching out to your friend twice and she still hasn't replied to you?

Here for you <3
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Re: Confused and alone

Hi @Talitha93,


I'm so sorry to hear about what's been happening for you over the last few months.


Like @Esperanza67 said, what has your doctor said about surgery?


In relation to your friend, sometimes with medical conditions like what you're going through, those around us are so unsure about what the 'right' thing is to say, they end up saying nothing at all. Could that be a possibility with your friend?




Re: Confused and alone

My doctor when I got the diagnosis said that the tumour in my brain is too far into the brain to be removed if he was to remove it, it will just do to much damage. 

In regards to my other tumours that have grown there okay to be removed they just have to remove some nerves. 



Ive reaches out to her twice yes and she hasn’t replied I’ve even just said 

hey hun hope you’ve had a good week. 


Re: Confused and alone



my friend has has always been there for me when my brother died she went a bit quiet said she would come to his funeral to be there for me but didn’t show up. An then we got back in talking about and everything was fine. 


But the last three months she has hardly spoken to me we haven’t gone out nothing 


Re: Confused and alone

Would it be possible for you and your mum to speak to your doctor together, @Talitha93? Speaking to the Dr personally may help alleviate some of your mums concerns. It must be a very challenging position for you all to be in having experienced something similar with your brother in the past. 


It must be so tough not being able to talk to the person that's been there for you during tough times in the past. Have you let your friend know how this lack of contact is making you feel?