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Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

I don’t know what is causing it at the moment, I’ve had anxiety since a very young age.. I am on Medication to help.

3 months ago I had to leave my partner of 3 years because we were using Cannabis a lot and I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I’m not sure if I fell out of love with him or if he turned into a trigger.. I have no idea. Since then I have been working and barely cutting it even due to low pay. 

The last week or two I’ve had such bad anxiety it’s like I’m having an anxiety attack 24/7.. I Learned to control my anxiety pretty well over the past few years but now I feel like I’ve lost control. I’m scared and I’m tired because I can’t sleep.. I don’t know what to do

Re: Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

Hi @Clarents welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing with us. It sounds like you have been really struggling with anxiety of late, that must be really difficult Smiley Sad I'm sorry to hear that your relationship with your partner ended too. I'm wondering what supports you currently have in place and if have you spoken to anyone about how you've been feeling? We're here for you Heart

Re: Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

Thankyou for responding.. no one seems to know what to do or say.. whenever I go to the doctors they only give me information and I don’t have the will power to do anything with it. I wish with all my heart that I could just be with him again and love him like I did. 

I have my own ways to calm down but they aren’t working at the moment 

Re: Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

Re: Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

Hi @Clarents,


Reaching out to your doctor is a really great start Heart Sometimes seeing a different type of mental health professional, such as seeing a psychologist or social worker, can be helpful to get a different perspective too. Have you seen a counsellor, psychologist or social worker before?


It sounds like these last few months have been so challenging for you Heart Change in relationships are really hard! 


You mentioned that strategies that have worked for you before aren't working at the moment. What strategies have worked for you in the past?

Re: Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

Hey, thanks..

ive seen social workers and therapists, all have given me different coping strategies but I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them.. I always got to anxious just going to the appointments..


yeah the cchange in our in our relationship has been really depressing for me and him.. he still loves me dearly, and all I want is to be with him without that sick feeling making me want to run away.. I don’t know what it is. 


Strategies that hat I normally use are going for a walk listening to an audiobook, but my mind just wanders, and reading a book with a cup of tea, breathing slowly and stretching listening to music or an audiobook, watching a favourite movie.. also it used to be snuggling with my partner or just sitting down and watching an interesting tv show together.. 


but it no matter what I do, my heart rate is always up, I always feel like I’m running out of time but I don’t know why, like I’m constantly on edge.. @Jess1-RO

Re: Constant Fear and Anxiety is ruling my life

Hey @Clarents they sound like some great strategies however it sounds like anxiety is quite high which may be contributing to feeling like you're constantly on edge. It sounds like @Jess1-RO suggestion of finding some professional support might be the best option moving forward. I know though that these type of appointments can be super stressful and that it can take visiting a few different people to find someone who is the right fit for you.


Have you ever contacted a helpline before @Clarents, maybe that's a good way of easing yourself back in to seeing someone?