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Controlled by my ASD

In a few months im going away on holidays, and I am terrified. I have ASD, and major parts of that are that I need schedules, consistency, and control in many areas including  morning and nighttime routines, activities, items, and food. I am really worried because I'm holiday I won't be able to have a consistent schedule to follow, I won't be able to bury myself in books and knowledge and I'll have to be in the real world with people, I won't be able to use my fork, my spoon, my cup with my food, and I won't be able to control my foods and have the dishes I like. I can't sit in my spot and close myself away from the world. Everything I do in my day is basically the same as the day before and I like it that way and I'm scared of the change.

Re: Controlled by my ASD

Hey @Blurryphaced, that sounds like it is going to be a difficult time for you. I am sorry to hear that this is causing you to feel so scared. Have you mentioned this to the other people you are holidaying with? It might help to share these concerns with them so that they can support you while you are on your holiday. It might feel reassuring to at least know you can chat to someone you are comfortable with and who already knows the situation. Is there an option to bring any of these items that are apart of your current routine? Are there other items or things that you can do that might comfort you while you are on your holiday? I think it is really amazing that you are bringing this up now so that you can figure it all out before your holiday Heart

Re: Controlled by my ASD

@Taylor-RO thank you for your response Smiley Happy I am a bit scared to tell my family that I'm going with about these fears in case they think I'm being too obsessive and rigid, but I could bring it up with my counsellor. I think maybe it'll help to know the exact schedule of what we're doing and where we're going so I'm less unsure about everything. I suppose I could bring some things with me as well for comfort, and maybe I could also work out my meals the day before that I will buy from each restaurant so it's less overwhelming when I get there. Thank you for your support.