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Coping after someone's suicide

So I found out the other day that a longtime family friend's son had died... he had only just turned 15 Smiley Sad I hadn't seen him in a few years but our families were pretty close when we were little. I remember playing games with him and running around at the park - all the normal kiddy stuff. Anyway, his funeral was today. Mum and dad went and I just found out before that he died from suicide. I'm a bit shaken up because everyone keeps dying and just what the fuck... Obviously we're all going to die eventually but everyone keeps dying so young and it's scary.


(I know we're like a broken record saying this but if you're feeling suicidal, please reach out for help. I know you probably don't believe it but please know that you mean more than you think to so many people - even people you haven't seen much since you were a kid.)

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Re: Coping after someone's suicide

Hey @lokifish I'm sorry that this has happened to someone close to you. It is really scary to lose someone, especially when they are young. I haven't personally lost anyone that way, but I can imagine how it might feel. Do you have any coping strategies you use for other things that might apply in this situation?