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Re: Coping with life post operation

@scared01 thanks for checking in Smiley Happy
Things are going well with my foot. I'm onto my partial weight bearing stage and I'm managing it okay Smiley Happy

I think I mentioned it above, my let xray went well, I only put a little pressure on my foot but it was okay and the surgeon said it looked good Smiley Happy

I think I can mark this thread as resolved now Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: Coping with life post operation

hey @Bee
sorry i mustve missed that somewhere. i usually read and then forget to post or accidently close the tabs (i open lots of tabs as i work through notifications lol) im glad the xray went well and that its looking good.
it must be exciting moving onto the next stage. its been quite a while now and i expect itll still be a while before its fully recovered but baby steps count too.

Smiley Happy
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