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Crisis of self

Hey everyone,
Just joined reach out for some support.

Feeling so horrible right now. Depression has snuck up on me. I feel so alone. I feel my friends aren't supportive, and seem to not give a damn about me. I'm the only one who bothers to talk first. If I dont I dont ever get a hey how are you.

I feel as though I'm stuck in a huge rut. I've been thinking about moving from my town to escape this lonliness.
I'm also struggling with traumatic experiences in my past that I'm not sure how to address.

I just cant seem to make friends who are really interested in hanging out and talkng. And when I try, I feel clingy and desperate.

Any help is deeply appreciated xo

Re: Crisis of self

Hi @Codinia,


Welcome to the ReachOut forums and thank you for sharing with us.


It sounds like there is alot of difficult stuff happening for you at the moment, as a result of your feelings of depression and also from the traumatic experiences you've had in your past. I'm really sorry to hear about both of these things. Do you feel like your depression has been triggered by these traumatic experiences? And I will ask if you think you are safe now?


(Sorry for asking so many questions, please let me know if anything I'm saying is triggering for you.) Check out this factsheet about coping mechanisms for trauma which might help you for the time being.


I also encourage you, if you feel the need, to visit your GP and see what support they can offer you. You will be able to ask for a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan, and a referral to a clinical psychologist, which will enable you to attend psychology services at a rebated price (you get $124.50 back from Medicare for clinical psychology, and $84.80 back for non-clinical therapy). I'm suggesting this for you as you've expressed you're struggling with trauma. Have you seen therapists in the past?


It can really suck when your friends don't seem to care. I hope you realise that we are all here to support you through all of this Smiley Happy How do your friends react when you try and talk to them about this stuff? Do you think that it may seem like they don't care, when in actual fact they just don't know how to help and are worried about you? 


I know you may feel that it's impossible to make new friends at the moment, but I'm sure we can come up with some ways to become friends with others. This might make you feel more supported in your every day life. Are you currently involved with any clubs or activities where you might be able to meet new people?


We're here to help,




Re: Crisis of self

Hey @Codinia,


Welcome to ReachOut!


Thanks for sharing your story with us. The thing that struck me from your post is how you feel like you don't have anyone that understands you. It is difficult to manage depression and even more so without the support of those around you. I also noticed that you are thinking about moving 'to escape' these feelings of isolation. Is there a family member or trusted acquaintance that you would consider sharing these thoughts with?


Have you previously received treatment for your depression? If so, or even if not, would you be comfortable discussing this with your doctor?


Regarding the feeling of being in a rut, are there any things you have thought you could do to mix up your routine? You could try a new sport or sign up to a class at your local community centre – even a new lunch spot can shake things up.


Please let us know how you're doing. We'd also be keen to hear more about you so please head on over here to introduce yourself. Hope to see you around RO some more Smiley Happy


Re: Crisis of self

Hey @Codinia,


How are you going today?