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Dealing with health anxiety

Hi. I'm home alone today and I'm still getting pains and waves of nausea and needing to go straight to the bathroom. I've been taking antibiotics, hydrolyte, panadol and medication that is supposed to help ease these tummy pains. My housemate is adamant that what I am experiencing is completely normal given that this is happenning at the same time as my period. She's not taking me seriously at all that there could be something else wrong and she is being so blazay about the whole thing. She is really pissing me off and making me feel so shit about myself. Basically saying "you'll be fine - that this happens to her every month - that I should expect this to happen again next month." 


I don't get it. All my friends that I have spoken to about this have shown concern and asked about test results and encouraged me to get certain tests done while she's just like - "get over it it's not that bad kind of thing." 


I feel so alone. I'm scared because this has never happenned before. I have to wait for test results. It's been stopping me from being able to work, being able to go out and enjoy my day and do anything other than stay in bed. And I've been having bad digestive upsets on and off for about four weeks. I know my body and something doesn't feel right. Yet she refuses to accept that and take me seriously saying that I'm the one whose not listening. 


Smiley Sad Smiley Sad 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Wow, @mspaceK, that would be really scary, and I'm sorry that your housemate is dismissing your feelings like that. Smiley Sad

you have every right to be concerned.

How are you feeling today?  

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Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@letitgo Frustrated and lonely. The pain and nausea has subsided for the most part of this evening thankfully. I think the antibiotics are working. I just hope it stays away because i'm finding it really hard to cope with it all. It really hurts when she just dismisses my feelings. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and should have test results back by Wednesday so I should find out what is actually wrong. All this uncertainty has put me on edge. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Hi @mspaceK! I'm sorry that you're not feeling well and that it's affecting your life so much. Smiley Sad That definitely doesn't sound normal to me. Even if it was a normal occurrence, it wouldn't hurt to get it checked it out by a medical professional. There are probably ways that the symptoms can be controlled, even if they are considered 'normal' and not the signs of a disease, especially if they're negatively impacting on your life. I think it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health. This could be something you could explain to her.

I had a lot of pain and problems with my periods too and sometimes get flare-ups of pain and symptoms from time to time. I felt that some of my family did not take me seriously and just said, 'lots of people have period problems', which made me really upset, as if I was overreacting. But at the end of the day, we are the ones having the periods and other symptoms and we would know if there is something not right with our cycle or out of the ordinary with our health. Telling myself this helped me feel better.

My gynecologist believed me and was concerned about it though. Since having surgery, my pain has got better than it was. I'm not saying that could be the solution for you but I think in my case, having a good gynecologist really helped me as well. My gynecologist told me that in young women, symptoms are rarely signs of something sinister and gave me the options to have it investigated further, 'test' some medication or let the issue go. I eventually chose to have it investigated and he reassured me that if he found something bad, he would tell me my options. He had a good bedside manner.

I have also seen a gastroenterologist who investigated me under anaesthetic for nausea and other issues. Getting a referral to see one could also be an option just to have peace of mind if the tests come back inconclusive. My gynecologist was also reassuring which helped.

I hope the tests come back as not showing anything serious and that you can start to feel better. It was such a relief when my family members finally shut up after my surgery. She probably will too eventually.

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

I really appreciate that @WheresMySquishy and I am sorry you had to go through that! Thank you for sharing.


Part of the reason why I have been so scared is because of the pain and there was a lot of blood that wasn't from my period. In fact I am having barely any blood come out of my period, which is VERY unusual. I know I am on my period but it isn't normal. And throughout the years I have had several problems with my digestive system, tummy upsets and diet issues figuring out that I have intolerance's to foods and then tummy upsets for no reason. I was supposed to have a colonoscopy done last year but I got scared and couldn't get myself to go, even though I got the referral. And I am worried about my ovary as well because about two years ago I had to have surgery for a cyst that was hemorrhaging and I have a feeling I might have another cyst which is why I think I need another ultrasound. So when my housemate tells me that this is normal pain that I am experiencing and that the blood coming out that is not from my period is normal......I am finding it very hard to accept that there isn't "something" wrong....whether it is a bacteria infection or another cyst or WHO KNOWS?? The point is.. I don't know and it's definitely not "nothing." I'm not saying that that means it is something sinister like a disease or cancer, no, but that there is something unusual at least that needs attention - because if this pain is normal and if I am expecting this every month......then FK ME - where the hell did this come from? Cause i have had my period for 10 years now and never felt something like this. Even when I had my cyst pain from last time, it never felt as bad as this. At least I don't remember... hmm. All I can do is wait until I get these tests done and get more results. Smiley Sad 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK  I have had similar problems. We could be twins! It sounds like you've been through a lot. :The blood sounds especially scary. Smiley Sad I think it's worth a mention it to a medical professional. Pain is pain and needs to be under control. It's very frustrating when people act as if it is in our head. I found that some anti-inflammatories were really helpful for when I had pain on my periods. My gynecologist told me to try them. Maybe it's something you could discuss with your doctor, or you could ask them to suggest other forms of pain relief. I also tried things like heat packs. I hope the test results give you some clarity and point the doctors in the right direction. You're definitely not alone in experiencing these types of problems.

I'm seeing a specialist this week too and I'm hoping that he can have a look at my symptoms and suggest something to help. I'm kind of worried because of my past history with similar problems and the fact that I have a family history of them and nothing much worked for my other family members. Wish me luck!

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@WheresMySquishy My housemate seems to think the digestive upset and pain is connected to my period. Although I think it is a mere coincidence that this is happening at the same time, or perhaps just promoted by my period. I don't know, but it feels separate to the period. And I have had the same pain, just not as bad, a couple weeks ago with serious diarrhea when I wasn't on my period, which is why I think they're different cases. But last time I had my period I had really bad pains so I think they're two issues here. Only the tests will find out. 


I really hope your appointments go well and you get some answers. And that is exactly what I think my housemate thinks is happening to me...that it is in my head. When she says stuff like that I start questioning whether what I am feeling is valid, whether it is real or whether I am being an idiot. And then I try to ignore it but it comes back and I know i'm not imagining it. It is so frustrating. Thank you for supporting me. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK that sound very un-period-like... 

And the not-period blood is definitely not a normal period thing.. unless she has some weird rare form of endometriosis or drinks blood or something..

But for blood to come out like that is would probably be coming from your digestive system, not your reproductive system so it's definitely worth talking to a doctor to (obviously take your doctor's word over mine, but it might be worth pointing out to your housemate if she's not leaving you alone)


I know the feeling of being told it's all in your head.. I think it means: "I don't know what it could be, and it's easier to dismiss you than look into it."

It doesn't seem to be at all related to how real or how severe the issue is, I've been told the same thing for something that turned out to be a harmless thing that some people just have, and another that I ended up going to hospital for (I was dismissed repeatedly for six months beforehand...) 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf gah - I hate that. I had to go to hospital too after I had been complaining about pains in my lower abdomen for years. People kept saying it was my diet. Well it wasn't- I had something growing inside me and I needed an operation to get it removed. Bloody awful. I'm sorry you had to experience going to hospital too. 


I am not feeling well today. Still no blood from my period but I have a dull pain ache around my ovary. And I feel a bit nauseas especially when I get these random urgers to need to go to the toilet to do a poop but nothing comes. Just pain and light headedness and a feeling like I might throw up. Smiley Sad a few more hours until my GP appointment. Not really looking forward to much at all. I'm so tired and don't want to feel sick anymore Smiley Sad i hate the feeling like I'm going to throw up or faint. Smiley Sad 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Hey @mspaceK I can hear your pain and struggles Smiley Sad. What are ways that you can distract yourself for the time being while you're waiting for your GP appointment?
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