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Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf That sounds like an exhausting process that you have to go through. I'm so sorey you have to go through all this. 


Well I'm hoping she can be there to kind of "check in" on me cause she did that a month ago when I had to go to hospital. She called an ambulance on me cause she wanted to keep me safe and i couldn't really look after myself. And afterwards she rang me a few times to make sure I was okay. She feels a bit like a really caring "mother like" figure tbh. She doesn't sugar coat anything and gets straight to the point. It makes me anxious sometimes but only because she's helping me to face decisions about my health and safety. 


I think my new psych appointments would be better if I was more open. I'm going to try to be when I see him next this week. I'm sorta afraid of what he will say. I guess I won't know unless I bring it up. 


I'm going to try and close my eyes and drift off to sleep. You can talk to me tomorrow if you need. I hope you can get some good sleep. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK good night, and thanks for talking with me. It made me feel heaps better. 


She sounds really nice.

I hope that your appointment goes well when you have it. Maybe you could write down what you need to say?


I hope you have a good sleep as well. Smiley Happy


Re: Dealing with health anxiety

I might give that a try @Tiny_leaf . Writing stuff down. I'll see how I go. 


I'm not feeling very well at all this morning. Headache, feel like I might throw up, and sick feeling like I need to go to the bathroom. Smiley Sad when does this end? Smiley Sad I haven't gone to my work thing like I was supposed to. *sigh* 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Hi @mspaceK,

I'm sorry to hear that you are still feeling sick this morning Heart When are you booked in to complete the tests you got the referrals for? I hope that they are able to provide some clarity and treatment options for you Heart

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Re: Dealing with health anxiety

I'm not really feeling too great today @Jess1-RO . Being unwell is so draining Smiley Sad 


I am booking my referral test next week when my boyfriend is back because it is an invasive test that I'm scared about to do with my period/ovary. So he's going to come with me. 


As for the results for the test I've already done to do with my digestive system I should find out tomorrow.  


My boyfriend is a bit worried. He's not here and he knows how sick I've been recently but he is so far away. At least messaging him has helped a bit. 


I'm home alone again today. My mum is bringing over dinner tonight which is going to be really nice thankfully. I'm just trying to pass the time. I feel so sad Smiley Sad 


@Tiny_leaf @Esperanza67 @WheresMySquishy @letitgo 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Hi @mspaceK,

You have done all the right things with seeking support and putting your hand up to undergo tests to get to the bottom of it Heart Very courageous!

It's sounds like your boyfriend is a really great support for you- having him there during the more invasive procedure is a good idea. Good to hear you have that unconditional support- relationships where there is so much support are so special.

What time will your mum be stopping by today? Do you have some distractions lined up? More than happy to brainstorm distractions with you too

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Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Hi @mspaceK.

That sucks... Hopefully you'll get some answers tomorrow... 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Hi @mspaceK! How are you feeling today? I hope the test results showed that there wasn't anything serious.

It's not good that the test has to be invasive. Smiley Sad But hopefully, the more invasive test will be more clear than the tests you've already done. I found that when I had to do more invasive tests, the doctors were able to use cameras to have a better look than using scans and they were able to take biopsies to definitely rule out more serious problems. My gynecologist was able to find problems that he wasn't able to diagnose any other way.

Your boyfriend sounds really supportive! I remember being really anxious about my tests, which delayed my discharge, but the staff let my mum come with me until I had to go under anesthetic. I'm sure the staff can let your boyfriend stay if you decide you want him with you.

I saw my ophthalmologist today. Smiley Indifferent

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

hey @mspaceK
wishing you luck with your appointments and fingers crossed for some answers as to whats happening for you
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

hi everyone. Sorry for the delay. For some reason the forums would not load for me for ages on my computer or my phone. odd!


I got my results for my digestive issues and it turns out I had a severe bacterial infection, like a parasite thing in my gut, so I gotta stay on antibiotics and it should clear up in a few days now. And the nausea is a side effect of the antibiotics unfortunately. But I am relieved to know what it is. 


I am anxious for my other test I gotta do next week, but thankfully I will have my boyfriend there to support me and I can find out if there is something in my ovary causing problems. I also have to get a blood test to check my levels cause my family is worried I'm not eating enough in my diet cause i'm vegetarian/vegan. Kind of frustrating that I am being hassled about this so much but the results will give me some answers and hopefully get them off my back. 


I have my headspace appointment tomorrow and my psych appointment in a couple days so hopefully that will help. I spent most of today playing games on my computer and laying in bed and tonight I have been listening to music and playing games. Thank you for responding and checking up on me. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. 


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