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So...I've been feeling absolutely awful for, well, as long as i can remember..


Throughout my teen years i was constantly ill which led to having to take a lot of time off school which led me to become painfully anti-social and i am now 24 and friendless. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and have been on the appropriate medication from the age of 18 to now (aged 24).


I don't find that the medication has helped to be honest.


All my relationships have disintergrated and i am now very alone.


Everyday is the biggest struggle. Just getting out of bed is so painful as i am so extremely tired all the time. My days feel long and full of constant nausea/dizziness/migraines/fever/badthoughts.


I can't go on living like this, it is driving me mad.


I have been to many, many doctors and i have not been able to find anything to really help me overcome this..


I know that life shouldn't be like this. I am going mad. Can anyone else relate?

Re: Depressed/Anxious/Alone

Hi @enaj 

welcome to the ReachOut forums and thank you for sharing your story.


Sorry to hear about the difficulties during your teen years. I think it's important not to label yourself as "friendless" or "antisocial" though. You might feel like you should have found the perfect friends for you at 24 but there's really no age at which you're expected to make friends - this is something you have your whole life to do.

Here is a link you might like.


Sorry to hear that you've been to many doctors who haven't been able to help and that the medications aren't helping either. Remember there are resources like Kids HelplineLifeline, or eHeadspace that offer counselling online or over the phone if you want to speak to somebody about your worries.


Stay strong @enaj Smiley Happy


Re: Depressed/Anxious/Alone

@enaj Feeling lonely is horrible.


I want to encourage you to get out there, and get involved in social things!


Im sure you have your preferences but my suggestions would be:

-Join a gym: Its completely accepted to not talk to a single person, but its nice being around lots of other people. And if you want a simple interaction, just ask someone to spot you for last set of bench press, everyone is always more than happy to help out.

-Get a job that has customer interaction: I work as a receptionist and in retail. I find that I am smiling more in these environments than anywhere else, even though its 'work'.


Id love to hear some activities you have been thinking of doing or already do?


as for the other things you mentioned, hopefully someone else can chip in Smiley Happy

Re: Depressed/Anxious/Alone

hey @enaj - if your meds aren't working it's really important you speak to your prescribing doctor. You don't have to live like this. I know that you have seen a lot of doctors but there are so many types of other health professionals that could help you - check this out. It really is worth keeping at it until you find the professional that's right for you. Medication is often not enough on it's own - have you tried any talking or behaviour therapies?  If talking is not for you, try an online tool like moodgym. But if you are up for talking, counsellors and psychologists offer therapy and can be a great adjunct to medication - as can peer support like we offer here on the forums - so stick around and hang out!

Online Community Manager

Re: Depressed/Anxious/Alone

Hey @enaj 


How have things been today?


It can be really hard when things are overwhelming and it feels like keeping going is just really hard to do. It sounds like you've been through a lot. Which is unfair that you've had to experience that but it also means you've developed a huge set of survival skills. You can't go through all that and not become really tough and resiliant. It's that strength that gets you through.


Have you found that anything has worked in the past? Have you found anything that makes you feel even a little bit better?


Re: Depressed/Anxious/Alone

Hey@enaj i just wanto say that you are not alone in the way in wich you feel or wat you have gone through , i have felt simaliar severel times over my life , as resently as the last 6months with regards to not being able to get out of bed , depression, tired all the time an felt like no freinds or very few but when i did look there was some there an were willing to listing an help like this site witch has lots of ppl willing to listen an have great advice , i think each of the other comments has some really good points , for me time heals , hopfully the same for you.