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Depression and Anxiety

I'm 16. Have depression and anxiety. I don't really leave the house much. Only to go to school sometimes. I've been bullied about my acne at school. It makes me really self conscious. I have tried everything for my skin. Even seen a dermatologist. I just really want it to go away and stop being judged. I want to go out and be social, but my anxiety is really bad. I miss the old me and just want to feel free and happy again. I want new supportive, nice friends. 


Re: Depression and Anxiety

Hey @Jackyboy2020 and thanks for posting on the forums. We're glad you're here Smiley Happy

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been bullied about your acne. That really sucks. People can be so cruel sometimes. Smiley Sad

Socializing can be really daunting. I've gone through stages where I'll avoid it at all costs, so I can see where you're coming from. You mentioned that you'd like to make new, supportive friends and I'm wondering - have you ever spoken to your current friends about how you're feeling, or to a mental health professional?

Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy


// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Depression and Anxiety

I have spoken to my close friends about it. They try to help me. I have had one appointment at Headspace. Next appointment is in 3 weeks. 

Re: Depression and Anxiety

I'm so sorry about your situation @Jackyboy2020. Smiley Sad I still struggle with acne even as an adult and it can take such a huge toll on your confidence. It's hard for other people to understand the struggle of it when they haven't experienced it themselves. It can sometimes take a lot of trial and error and exploring different treatments to find something that helps. Even though medications helped me, I still experience flare-ups. I was also bullied for my appearance in school. That also made me very anxious and self-conscious and I still struggle with the effects on my mental health. You definitely aren't alone in experiencing these issues.

Is there anything that helps boost your confidence?

I think it's great that your close friends have tried to help you and you've been able to get some support from Headspace. Smiley Happy Are you able to seek out any supports while waiting for your next appointment? eHeadspace and Kids Helpline are some services you can access from home. This article also has a lot of suggestions about how you can look after yourself when you're being bullied.

Re: Depression and Anxiety

hi @Jackyboy2020 and welcome
it sounds really tough for you. im sorry to hear about the bullying. Unfortunatly acne is horrible and sometimes not much really helps and its no reason for being bullied at all. everyone gets pimples, acne at some points, I just wish others would have more understanding of that.
I am glad you have good friends helping you and that you have a headspace appointment coming up.
@WheresMySquishy has provided some good resources here for you, I hope that you find them helpful too
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Depression and Anxiety

hi @Jackyboy2020, you've done great so far by just reaching out for help! anxiety is hard thing to deal with, i'm currently struggling with it severely. try your hardest to think about the positives not the negatives in your life and the situation. Acne and pimples aren't a bad thing, they don't define you or make anyone think or look up at you any less. I get break outs of pimples, i'm also very self conscious and hide them with make up but now i just don't wear make up and tell myself everyday that i don't need to change how i look to make myself confident or to make people think of me different because you should never change anything about yourself to satisfy anybody else but yourself. people should like and love you for who you are what you look like no matter what. also if it helps things help my skin clear up is benzac ac cream and st Ives blemish control apricot scrub.

keep your head up high, things will get better and you will feel confident in every way possible.

Re: Depression and Anxiety

@blueberry32  I think that's some really good advice. I'm glad you've found some things that have worked for you. Smiley Happy

Re: Depression and Anxiety

you will be able to find things that work for you, just keep your mind open and never be afraid to speak out.