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Depression and anxiety? Or not?

So I've been having sad moods for over a year, but never long enough to classify as depression. Then about a month ago I slept with my best friend. It was something I felt mature enough for and I trusted him enough to do that with him. And I still feel that way, and certainly don't regret it. 

But ever since I've been feeling absolutely terrible. I constantly feel that I'm worthless, alone and that there's no point to my life (surprising, since I've always had positive self-esteem). I cry a lot, can never focus and have paralyzing panic attacks where I'm incapable of doing anything at all. And I don't think it's related to how I feel about sleeping with my friend, yet I was fine before I did. 

I don't know if this is depression or anxiety or something that's going to fix itself. But I just want it to stop. 

Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

I'm not a doctor, so don't take this as medical advice, but depression and anxiety can be triggered by stress. Any stress.


So definitely sleeping with your best friend, is going to stress you out. You're going to think "Did I do the right thing? What will happen now? Does he love me? Am I going to get burned?" All of this is very stressful, even if you think you have a handle on it, and really like where it is going.


Depression can affect anyone, same as anxiety, and often, we are clueless as to why its happening.


Because of the syptoms you say you are having, I would totally go and see a GP and get a referral to someone that can specifically help you, and pin down exactly whats going on and why you're feeling this way, so that you can get back on with your life and your new relationship!

Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

Hi @lizzieb ,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting. It seems like you are struggling a lot at the moment so I really feel for you. I know how confusing it can be to not know why you are feeling the way you do. Know that you are not alone, and that a lot of young people out there struggle to work out what they are feeling and why. You might find these factsheets on depression and anxiety helpful, as they have some common symptoms and advice for those who are unsure what steps to take next. 


You said you have been feeling sad for over a year but then a month ago it started to get worse. Have you told anyone about how you are feeling? Telling a close friend or family member would be a great step to take as these people can offer you support and it allows you to get a load of your chest. You said that you still trust your best friend, so it seems like you two have a great relationship. Have you thought about possibly telling him how you have been feeling? For me, whenever I have something important to talk about, whether it is positive or negative, I always go to my best friend first! 


I also really agree with what @tesla-weapon said about speaking to your GP about what has been going on. If you are unsure about whether or not you have depression or anxiety or something similar, your doctor would be the best place to go as he or she will able to properly diagnose you and get you the professional help you deserve. 

If you don't think you are ready to speak to a doctor about what you're going through, or you don't want to speak face-to-face to a friend or family member, there are a few online  resources you might like to use to get some support and advice. Blueboard is a great website for people feeling depressed or anxious, as it has online forums that users can post in that are more specific for these kinds of issues. Another good place to try is eHeadspace, which offers one-on-one support and advice for young people via webchat, email or over the phone. 

You've taken a massive step by posting here on about your situation, so you should be very proud of that! I really encourage you to keep going and take that next step by either using some online resources or telling someone about what you are going through. Don't wait for these feelings to pass, it is so much better to get some help now rather than waiting to see if they will fix themselves. Keep going, and find the support you are truly worthy of having.


Let me know how you go Smiley Happy



Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

You could have both like me, I dont think the friend is connected just coincidence. Of course talk to someone who can diagnose

Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

I just made an appointment with my GP. And I think this was this push that made me do it. So thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

what do they think?

Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

That's great, lizzieb, glad to hear you've been able to seek some help. Hope the GP appointment went well Smiley Happy

Re: Depression and anxiety? Or not?

Hi LizzieB,


Good on you for taking the steps to see your GP. WHatever the issue, it won't go away if you don't acknowledge it.

It is normal to feel sad sometimes, but you seem to be describing a very different situation.

Make sure you tell your GP the whole story, as that will help them give you a proper diagnosis.

When we took our daughter , at 15, she and her dad were told, it was normal to feel a bit sad. In her situation, this was not the right advice, so we asked for a referral to a Psychologist, who was trained in mental health. We don'tblame our Dr, because our daughter appeared fine on the surface. This is why I am asking you to explain the full history of your sadness.


Good luck and hope you get an answer.