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Re: Depression - seeking the right help

Hey @Kristy21,


Lorna Jane is A Ma Zing. - Yup your diary is better than mine Smiley Wink


Well done on your uni enrollment, what will you be studying? Do you think that having this structure back in your life will help you 'get out of bed' and help you manage your life?


One thing that I do when I'm super busy, is practise mindfulness in the shower, and when I'm drinking my coffee/tea in the morning. I'm similar to you in that I struggle to schedule time to do mindfulness so I try and incorporate it into my day. 


Don't give in to your anxiety, you are doing so well to make yourself get up every day. It will get easier, but it will take time. 


Are you nervous about your first day back at UNI? Is there something you can plan for yourself as a treat on your first day back?