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Re: Depression

Well, depression is not a joke, and if you feel depressed, better to visit a doctor or a psychologist. Mental health can be sometimes more important than physical health, and if you won’t keep your mind healthy, you won’t keep your body healthy either. There are a lot of ways to cure depression, for example, I used kratom capsules. Those capsules are pretty hard to find, but you can find them on SA Kratom. They have good prices and a fast delivery service. Try some, after consulting your doctor, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Re: Depression

Hi everyone, its been a while. Sorry, but i just need to rant and get this out because I have been feeling like this for ages. 

I am freaking out about a lot of stuff in my life atm. And I feel like that anxiety makes me procrastinate and then not get around to doing anything, but everyday I think of what I should be doing. Its like my mind never stops, and I always think of things I could or should do, but never actually do them. I think I am addicted to escapism, I spend most of my time on my screen watching youtube or reading or just living through other people on the internet, I guess. I feel like i have totally lost myself. But when i do get off the screen I am overwhelmed with this great gnawing emptiness and i just cant stand it so i go back on my screen again. I just feel totally empty a lot. Like really just empty. Not sad or low or anything, just absolute nothingness. I feel this hyperawareness of myself and my physical self which I don't like, and then emptiness. Like its just my body and my mind, and the great absence of good things within it.

I think I might have depression clinically. But my life is still kind of empty anyway and i know there are a lot of reasons why I could be depressed, so idk. I also dont want to go to a gp or therapist or anything because my life is about to drastically change in around a month, which I have been waiting for, for ages, and I think things will change with me mentally then too. Idk. 

Sorry, a lot of this doesnt make sense. But i just feel so empty and i really dont know how to deal with it or what to do to get over this feeling. This isnt new at all, but I know it has been especially persistent lately. 

I just wanted to get that out there before I implode. 

Re: Depression

Hey @indieinsanus 

I'm sorry you're going through this, that feeling of emptiness and nothingness is so tough and makes it so hard to become motivated to do anything. I think too that with covid going on a lot of us are doing a lot of activities like watching youtube and reading more than we normally would because we feel like we can't do much else, do you reckon covid might have had this affect on you as well?

I'm really glad that you shared this with us, it can be helpful to just get things out sometimes. You said that things are drastically changing for you in a month, would you be comfortable talking a bit more about this?

I'm also wondering if there is anything you used to do that made you feel good or calmed your mind that you think could be helpful to try again?

Re: Depression

Hi @Hannah-RO 

I am feeling a little better today. My life is about to change because I am moving far away from home for the first time, and starting university. I haven't been doing pretty much anything with my life for a while because of covid, I have struggled with unemployment and am still unemployed, I only had a couple of friends to begin with, and since covid I have barely seen them at all. 

I am going to try and start excising again and just forcing myself to not go on my screen as much. I know I will hopefully be okay, but its just hard to deal with sometimes.

Re: Depression

Hey @indieinsanus, I just wanted to check in with how you were feeling tonight Heart