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Hi everyone, I just wanted to start a general thread for depression, I'm not sure if one already exists but I couldn't find one. I just want there to be an easy to find thread where anyone can ask a question or talk about depression, and share their experiences, support and advice. 


Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing okay, but if you're reading this thread you're possibly not, so just know that your life matters, even if you can not see it yourself. You matter. You are enough. If you're going through hell, keep going. Your now is not your forever. 


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Re: Depression

Personally I have been struggling quite a bit lately, and I was just wondering if anyone experiences any kind of detachment or dissociation as a symptom of their depression? Also feeling something akin to sensory overload, and just wanting to be in a quiet space? 

Re: Depression

@indieinsanus yeah I get something like dissociation when I'm really depressed, like I'm too tired to connect with anything/ myself. Is that what you mean kind of?

Sensory overload sucks..

Re: Depression

@Tiny_leaf  I'm not really sure how to describe it, its kind of like spacing out and feeling detached from my surroundings and even my own body sometimes, and then if its really noisy or something it just kinda irritates me and irks me, idk why, maybe it has something to do with anxiety too. Either way it sucks lol. 

Thanks for replying btw.

Re: Depression

Hey @Tiny_leaf @indieinsanus I also dissociate when I'm severely depressed. I kind of describe it as retreating completely inside myself so I don't explode everywhere. It's like my body turns into a shell. I feel the same way about sharp noises and just being overstimulated, when I'm stressed or upset I get very snappy about things like even being touched or asked questions. It's awful when people around you just don't see that you need to be left alone sometimes.

Re: Depression

Yep @indieinsanus @StormySeas17  @Tiny_leaf  I get that too! It's so weird..sometimes I get stuck in it for so long and don't realise that hours have passed. The things that usually break me out of it are, hot/cold showers using nice smelling soaps. This connects me back to my senses and my body but in a calm way, while I am still alone. Even sitting in the shower for awhile is really good. 


If someone can take you for a drive that's also nice...wind down the window, feel the air on your skin and the smells outside. Put on your favorite tunes or just enjoy some silence. 


Hope that helps but yeah disassociating sucks!! 

Re: Depression

Hi everyone !


Just wanted to say that for anyone reading this, we are here to listen to anyone and provide as much support. What you are going through is something that is a part of life for some and there is people who want to listen and help you. As shown by our other friends there are also hotlines, support networks, and other forums like ReachOut.


Thank you as well for anyone who has opened up <3




All the best friends!

Re: Depression

I haven't been diagnosed with depression but my school counsellor thinks I might have depression due to my suicidal thoughts, I am safe.

I had a question, is going to a GP going to help me, even if I am not ready?

I get really snappy and my head feels like it is too full and I can't concentrate or think properly. Noise really annoys me too, and when things don't go as planned it feels so weird, and my head feels heavier. It's really exhausting.

It feels really great that I am not alone, thank you @indieinsanus for starting this thread and thank you everyone who talked about their own experiences. Smiley Happy

Re: Depression

Hey, @HelloHi ,I'm happy that you have found this thread and feel comfortable enough to open up to us.

I think it would be a good idea to see your GP about possible depression and just mental health in general. I personally struggled with depression for a long time before I got support, and I didn't think I would really benefit from professional help until I actually received it, and realised how much of a relief it was. Feeling irritated and almost overwhelmed is common for me and a lot of other people with depression. Also that feeling of heaviness, which sucks.

Remember that you can always get immediate and temporary support from helplines and crisis lines if you are really struggling and are having s*cidal thoughts, its good to speak to someone. Reachout and so many other places of support are always available. You can go on to reachout (RO) at anytime and how ever often you like, you can ask as many questions on this thread or just talk about stuff as often as you like. We will always be here to chat to.

Hope this helps a bit, I would really recommend seeking professional help though, just so you can have that extra support. Then if you don't like how things are going, or you feel its not right for you, you can always say no and try again another time.


You matter. <3

Re: Depression

Hello @HelloHi, I am sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you lately . It is good to know that you are safe. Indieinsanus has made some really helpful recommendations, that I also encourage. Some of the crisis lines that you can call include Suicide Callback Sevice, Kids Helpline and Lifeline. I also just want to let you know that some of the symptoms that you are experiencing, such as getting snappy and having diffculty concentrating are quite common. There are defintiely others out there that have been through what you are going through and are able to support you through this.

Your GP is a good starting point to get this support as they can link you up with local services and also work with you to develop a mental health care plan if you would like to see a psychologist. Please feel free to keep us updated here on the forums Heart