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Re: Domestic Violence

And it's a good question @FootyFan26! If you don't feel ready to talk to a counsellor over the web or at school just yet, perhaps you would be willing to try some self-help techniques? You could try downloading the SuperMe app, and we have some really helpful info on building coping skills here on Reach Out.

Re: Domestic Violence

Nice rhyming @lovin each day!   Smiley Happy


@ElleBelle I have tried some of the coping strategies that could work except for the walking away one because at our school they prefer people to stay in class.  I have had a look at SuperMe but because it isn't workingso  I can't give it a go.


I find that when I'm angry or frustrated I tend to think more negatively and that doesn't exactly help me improve my mood or motivate me to do so.  I kinda also don't want to forget some things because those events have shaped my life and aspirations however they still affect me negatively so I'm in between a rock and a hard place there too:

  1. Do I lose my motivation  OR
  2. Do I keep thinking negatively

Re: Domestic Violence

@FootyFan26 random rhyming hahaha I hope my experience would give you some ideas


Emotions really can affect your focus. I see it rather a spark to start a fire to motivate you to do something, but the fuel that would keep the fire going would be thorough planning and a clear goal. I will never forget the past, regardless of how painful it was for me, but I realized that I must take control.


Have you heard of meditating? It is one of the many ways to help us to concentrate and calm down. I really suggest you read into it. It's one of the best ways to halt your negative thinkings and let you pull your self back on track. I am going to post a link, not sure if its removed or not, but its just an example. Remember if you are lost, try start small Smiley Very Happy  


Re: Domestic Violence

Hey @FootyFan26 i know what you mean when you said you think more negatively about things when you're angry and frustrated. I tend do the same thing sometimes. I've found that working through these feelings through some sort of excercise - gym, a run, playing some bball really helps reduce my anger, and also keeps my motivation levels up because there's that feeling of accomplishment after excercise.


Being a footy fan (I should be a detective with my awesome powers of deduction) have you tried kicking a footy or doing some drills when you're feeling this way?

Re: Domestic Violence

I would like to @moonwalk but it happens at school. I don't think I could just stroll out of class,get a footy and kick it around. I do know for a fact that footy helps me take my mind off things as soon as I start playing,  I just wish it would be that easy at school.Smiley Indifferent


Re: Domestic Violence


haha if someone just run out of the class room and start kicking balls, that would actually be an amazing sight to see at my old school.

Did you know there are at lot of simple tricks to calm yourself down with your own mind or thoughts?

It ranges from shifting your shoulders, takes rhythmic breathes to visualization. I use deep breath to calm my nerves, and force my self to visualize my pet dog's face to calm my mind. Some of my mate counts to 100 in their head when they panic.

There are a lot of ways ;D

Re: Domestic Violence

@lovin each day I'm a very kinesthetic person (hands on) and I've tried many ways like counting and breathing but they don't take my mind off things.  The only things that do are footy and drumming - no, I am not going to start drumming in class either! Smiley Wink.


I have tried finding new ways but I can't seem to find any that work for me.

Re: Domestic Violence

I go to a public secondary so I wouldn't be surprised if my classmates did either of those!

Re: Domestic Violence

lol maybe a stress ball. Smiley Tongue or a handgrip hahaha

Re: Domestic Violence

lol I use scrunched up paper for that. I can tell you now the teachers don't appreciate it and I've had multiple taken off me!

Becoming focused on something so intensely I have no room in my brain for anything else is the only way to go with me. Usually I can't even go for a walk because teachers have been told to keep students inside.