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Drawing Board

I thought that graduating high school would be the end of my troubles.....


I used to love walking downtown, I lived about 30 minutes from mainstreet and would often go by myself if my parents were working or didn't feel like a I don't want to do that anymore. I'm worried of finding people I know, was screamed at from a truck and threatened by a gang of kids on bicycles. I'm at the point where I almost hate social interaction, it's so goddamn annoying


I now start to think that I shouldn't expect things to change for UNI, I was a loner in High School and I really don't think a new learning environment will make a difference Smiley Sad


I'm just kinda frustrated and depressed....

Re: Drawing Board

Hey @MemphisBelle


Glad to hear from you. How've your holidays been? 


Sorry to hear that you're feeling worried about uni starting up (pretty new, exciting stuff!).


From what I remember, you were looking forward to a fresh start and following your passions. Even though you believed that you were a loner during high school, that doesn't mean that you'll remain that way. Uni (or any new experience) can help with meeting like-minded people and can be rather self-motivating to try stuff that you usually wouldn't have the nerve to do. 


You've said that you used to like taking a walk downtown but now you're worried about certain stuff happening to you while doing so. What's been happening that's been making you feel like these situations will arise? 

Stay excellent

Re: Drawing Board

How're you feeling today, @MemphisBelle

Stay excellent

Re: Drawing Board

Hey @MemphisBelle it's nice to hear from you, it's been a while.
What will you be studying this year?
Do you know many people who you will be going to Uni? Sometimes a completely new and fresh start can be good. There is so many different types of people at uni and you're not stuck surrounded by only the group in your year level like high school.

Sorry to hear that going out the house to do something you use to like doing has become really difficult. Did something happen to change this?
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Drawing Board



I'm doing alright today, still feel slightly down but hopefully will be doing some work experience on the 18th. Getting out of the house should be alright.


Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Drawing Board



I'm studying Television Production,no one I know is attending the UNI course with me.


I just don't like large crowds and after getting screamed at from cars I don't like walking next to roads

Re: Drawing Board



I think it's fair enough that you don't feel great after being harassed by someone in a car. That's just so terrible and I am sad that it happened Smiley Sad


Do you want to talk about ways to meet new people and make some new friends? 


Do you want to talk about what's getting in the way of meeting new people? 


Heaps keen to help try and figure this out with you Smiley Happy 

Re: Drawing Board

Hey @MemphisBelle, first off, I just wanted to again say how stoked I am for you that you got into Television Production at Uni. I know you're gonna smash it!


I'm so sorry you had to deal with 2 different groups of idiots on the streets recently, and I completely understand how much these kinds of experiences can affect a person. Thankfully, for the most part, uni isn't filled with the same types of people. A few might slip through the cracks, but I think you'll meet some really chilled, like minded people when you start - people who don't think they're cool for yelling at people from their car/truck!


I think it's a positive thing that you don't know anyone in your course. It's a fresh start without anyone you went to school which might remind you of a not so pleasant time. 


What date is O day and when do your classes start?


Re: Drawing Board

Hey @MemphisBelle

Congratulations on getting into Television Production!!
Those sort of courses are really really good at fostering friendships. You'll find that you'll be working in groups quite a lot, and that you'll really come to recognise/know the other students in your course. And everyone there is going to be as into television production as you are, so that's already something to connect on.

Unis also then have so many different groups that you can join to find even more people with similar interests.

It's completely normal to be scared - everyone is. Remember that. If someone isn't speaking to you, it's probably because they're scared of starting the conversation.

Re: Drawing Board

Hi all sorry for being slack,


These last few days are getting more frustrating.


Recently I've been learning to drive but it has disturbed me to the point where I can no longer handle it. I keep having awful thoughts and nightmares about car crashes. Hearing a car horn scares me and I feel like I'll hurt someone else if I take the wheel of a car. I just don't want to do it but my parents keep shrugging off my concerns and assuring me "it's no problem"