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Re: Drawing Board

Hey @MemphisBelle, good to hear from you. I was really scared when I started learning to drive too. I suspect this is pretty common. My confidence grew as I spent more time on the road, but it's not great to be behind the wheel when you're nervous. It's awesome that you've raised this with your parents, and I'm sorry to hear they're not taking it as seriously as you want them to. Could you chat with the folks at KHL about it?

Re: Drawing Board



I might consider Kid's Helpline, I haven't spoken to them in a while

Re: Drawing Board

Hey @MemphisBelle, I've got a few friends who have a fear of driving and one who suffers quite severe anxiety when they either get behind the wheel, or are even just a passenger in the car, so I've seen how much this can affect people. It makes a bit harder too, if those around them don't understand, or brush it off and say things like "you'll be right" or "don't worry about it". 


I'm really happy to see that you're considering speaking to KHL about this. They might be able to discuss some possible ways you could talk to your parents about this again, in a way that they can properly understand how you feel when you drive.


If you do speak to KHL, or your parents again, let us know how you go.