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Dreams or body messages that predict future events [moderators sticky topic] edit if needed.

Hello People,


I am very down, as I just lost a famlliy relation.........The worse part was, before I left their home country a few days before, I had horriffic nightmare about someone  dying and sinking down and down and down, I awaked with a thud.......cried a bit and told me aunty what I had dreamed. Plus I told her I hope it's not going happen in the future as I felt really scared that as soon I go home it would eventulate.


Worse of worse it did came true!!!! Only a few hours ago I lost my elder grandmother, on ma's side........I couldn't help it. I cried when I was told, I had a lump my throat and wished I never had that dream a few days before I ended my holidays there as Iast saw grandma alive when I left, I knew she had a weak heart and need operation soon. But alas, it didn't come soon enough.


I have always had feeling when somthing big was gonna happen when I was young and it still effects me, as it often something happening which I might like or live to regret to see it. As with this trait have felt and premediated  my friends taking their own lives with it!!! sucide....oh my heart hurts so much as I feel responsiblie for her death.


I wish I never had this pre meditating thing that sort tells me what may happen in the future, as it in the pass has been painfully accurate. If it was good thing I don't mind, but if oftne ment sadness for others I hate it!

Re: Dreams or body messages that predict future events [moderators sticky topic] edit if needed.

Hi Snuffles,

Thanks so much for sharing that - especially since it's really personal.

I'm really sorry to hear you've lost someone close to you.

Try to think of all your talents & quirks as gifts - it's hard when you're greiving as you do tend to focus on the negatives a bit more - 'hating' anything about yourself will only bring you down, try to be more forgiving and accepting of yourself Smiley Happy

Negatives tend to stick out a bit more too - so it's possible you dream many many fortuitous things but only the bad ones stick in your mind as (unfortunately) they're quite memorable.

Not sure how much you've looked around ReachOut, but there's heaps of great reading and help about, including a section on loss & grief:

Sounds like you could really benefit from some counselling of some sort - to help with the grief and/or being gentler to yourself. You can try calling Lifeline (131 114) to chat anonymously, or your GP will be able to recommend someone.

Again, thanks for sharing, spending time here seems to help with the coping.

Re: Dreams or body messages that predict future events [moderators sticky topic] edit if needed.

Hey Snuffles,

I'm really sorry that you've just lost your grandma. It's so hard when we lose relatives and people we love. Please try to look after yourself and give yourself time to grieve.

As for dreams, it sounds like you knew she was sick beforehand as you said she had a weak heart? Sometimes when we're worried about someone or something, it can play out on our subconscious in the form of dreams. Maybe you were already worried about her and therefore had that dream?

There's no way you could have premediated anyone's death and you're definitely not responsible for her death. Even though the feeling that you've dreamed about it happening before must be very distressing.

Take care of yourself.

Re: Dreams or body messages that predict future events [moderators sticky topic] edit if needed.

ive had simillar experiances

funny enough any time something big happens in the world eg: the twin towers, wars breaking out big things that take over the news... ive woken up in the middle of the night a few times for no reason and i will stragnly turn on my tv and all the tv stations have it all over them


i dont feel responsible for any of this sometimes bad things happen but like the other poster said i would say its just cause u are worried and its in the back of your mind and coinsidently your nightmares fall in line with all this.... im no expert on this u could really predict the future im not going to shut the door on that.. but u cant change any of this either way its not your burden to hold.

Re: Dreams or body messages that predict future events [moderators sticky topic] edit if needed.

I'm so sorry to hear that.
I have dreams that predict a future event too. Usually when I'm sad or hurt from somebody breaking my heart.