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Drink Spiking

I had my drink spiked on Saturday night.. I knew because I was with a friend, we'd had 3 drinks and I felt like something was wrong so I went to the bathroom in this club and the next thing I know I'm out the front with paramedics over me trying to get me breathing properly and conscious. My mum got there and took me home, when I woke up in the car at 5am I had no idea where I was, what was going on, no memory of the night before.. It really really scared me and these are the only things I have remembered 2 days later. My parents didn't seem to worry, not believing me at first that my drink was spiked. I hate not having control over my body and actions hence why I don't drink that much. This whole thing scares me so much I can't get to sleep until I pass out from exhaustion and I feel like I'm over reacting but can't stop the anxiety.. Should I just get over it, like my parents suggest?

Re: Drink Spiking

Hey @Careless1 

Thanks for posting.

What a scary expeience- i would have been scared as well. I can relate to dont drinking in order to stay in control when i go out as well, i just prefer being in control and knowing whats going on.

Have you tried to talk to your parents since that night? and explaining that you are still worried about what happened. 


There are lots of tips on drinking responsibilty at this link 


I hope that helps

Re: Drink Spiking

Hi Careless1,

This is not necessarily something you should 'just get over' it's a scary experience having your drink spiked and having control of a situation taken away from you. I can certainly see why you'd have anxiety over it - I did when it happened to me!

If you feel like you need some support you can always call Kids Helpline on 1800 15 1800.

There's also an article here about another person whose friend's had their drinks spiked:

And some useful info here on drink spiking:
**When out at a pub, club or party, watch your drinks.
**Avoid sharing drinks.
**Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know well or trust.
**Many people have their drinks spiked by someone they do know. To avoid this buy or pour your own drinks.
**Keep an eye on your friends and their drinks.

Next time you go out, be careful of what you're drinking and tell your friends how you're feeling and ask them to keep an eye out for you, hopefully that helps to ease your anxiety some.

Take care,

Re: Drink Spiking

hey careless1

welcome to reach out


sounds like a really really scary expierence. from what it sounds like your drink got spiked with

rohybonal (i have i no idea if thats the correct spelling ). its a nasty nasty drug and one of my friends got there drink spiked with it  . it pretty much knocks you out ie waking up with paramedics . number one your body even just physically going to be

really knocked around for a few days . like your inside took a beating so i would really suggest taking it

easy for a couple of days .


so mentally you just have to talk it out with someone that you trust a good friend or a consellour or something like that

. so way were u can kinda feel like u have a grasp on the situation and you feel less powerless

Re: Drink Spiking

Hey Careless,

I don't have much to add to the other responses. I just want to reiterate that it isn't something you have to feel like you should just get over.
It's a horrible, scary experience and not at all okay. I wouldn't be over it by now.
You have got to get past it, but you have to do that in your own way.

Re: Drink Spiking

Hey @Careless1, Im so sorry you had this experience - I cant even begin to imagine how violating and scary having a drink spiked would be Smiley Sad and that sucks to hear that your parents havent been very supportive about the situation too

Your parents may not know what to do or say and might also be scared about what happened, or maybe they just dont understand fully what happened?

You could try and talk to them and explain how serious this is for you? Or talk to a friend you trust about what happened? Maybe your friend who you were out with who called the paramedics, they sound like a good friend Smiley Happy

If you want to talk to someone else there is always kids helpline, you could go to their website  or give them a call on 1800 55 1800 , they are always good even if you just want to chat

You shouldnt have to just get over it at all! Thats a traumatic experience that will take time but I do hope your anxiety lessens and you can get some rest soon

Please let us know how you go!