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Eating Issues

Hey guys!

It's been AGGGESSS since I was last online, and that's because I was going really well with all the things in my life and I was coping. But now once again I just have this urge to get thinner again, it's a recurring issue and I have tried many times to connect with an online counsellor at Kids Helpline but they won't let me connect with a counsellor unless it's my regular counsellor.

It's hard because when they're available I'm busy, and when I log on all I need is someone to talk to but I cant..
I've tried the Butterfly Foundation as well but that's hard too because their online counselling service closes reasonably early and is only available Monday-Friday.

I don't know..I guess I'm just going through a rough patch. But something feels different this I'm not joking this time. This time it's for real, I just need to lose weight..

So yeah, that's what's going on for me right now, I just need to let it out sometimes because it all gets too much for me to handle on my own.


Re: Eating Issues

Hi @Pillow - glad to see you back! It's really awesome that you have been trying to get some help, through KHL and Butterfly Foundation, when you know you're struggling. Sorry to hear they haven't quite been hitting the mark for you. There is Lifeline too if you need phone or web support later in the evening or over weekends. Have you looked into any of The Butterfly Foundation's face-to-face support programs? It might be a good idea to look into proactive treatment options, instead of just crisis support that may not be available when you need it. What do you think, have you tried anything like that before?


Re: Eating Issues

Hey @Pillow

Thanks for checking in with us and letting us know how you and what is going on.

It sucks you have not been able to get in touch with a counsellor online, have you tried over the phone or is that a bit too difficult for you? Lifeline also has an online support service if you need support and are unable to get it from Kids Helpline or Butterfly Foundation.

You are always so strong and it may be a rough patch but you always seem to get through them. So you are strong and amazing.

Have you thought about going to see a GP or someone face to face just to get support, if you feel it is different this time, maybe it is helpful to try a different approach in getting help as well? Is that possible for you?

Hope this helps
Stay strong Pillow Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Eating Issues

hey @Pillow,

It's really nice to see you on the forums again. Smiley Happy How are you going today?