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Eating Well

Eating well..


 Australia is usually seen as the sun burnt country full of beach babes and ripped, sun-tanned bodies. But what about the rest of us? How can we keep up? And what can we do to break the cycle that has lead to 1 in 3 Australians being classified as obese? 


Amongst all the questions, ideas, theories, and motivations behind what it means to eat well are all the connections and traditions we have with food. Most importantly, how does this impact our health? and how is physical health contributing to our mental health? or vice-versa.


In assessing our mental state and the connection it has with our everyday (food) habits, we are confronted with the very real repercussions this presents. Eating disorders, body image insecurities/dysmorphia etc.. are all examples of the illnesses that can result when we are constantly bombarded with certain societal "norms" and constructs that have us believing we need to look a certain way to be appealing to others or just as a way "to be". 


With all that being said, what does eating well mean? what does that look like for you? can we balance "good" and "bad" food to find a middle ground? and how can we cope with all the pressure of maintaining an image that doesn't necessarily pertain to us?


Re: Eating Well

What does eating well mean?

Eating well means looking after yourself when it comes to food, although it can sometimes be difficult to know how to do that. I can usually gauge if what I'm doing is either healthy or unhealthy just based on general knowledge of food, although all these mixed messages in the media can be kinda confusing.

What does that look like for you?

Just being aware of what I'm eating and when (for example I tend not to eat a lot before or during school, which I know isn't great and I'm working to change that) and trying to be healthy. I'm not always super healthy *cough* Friday night pizza and footy *cough* but that's okay, as long as my eating's good most of the time.

Can we balance "good" and "bad" food to find a middle ground?

Yeah, I think so. I think that's kind of the idea with 'balanced meals' and stuff, where if you have some 'good' stuff and some 'bad' stuff, it's okay because it's balanced?

How can we cope with all the pressure of maintaining an image that doesn't necessarily pertain to us?

I wish I knew haha, what do other people think? I think you've just gotta ignore society and other people and do what you want, which is easier said than done.

Re: Eating Well

Another great thread @Thylacine.


What does eating well mean?

To me, it means eating reasonable amounts of foods with a balanced diet including lots of fruit and vegetables. I tend to snack a lot during the day, often on biscuits or cake, which I don't consider part of eating well. Another aspect of eating well pertains to the reasons behind the eating. Ideally eating when you're hungry and your body is telling you it needs food/nutrition would be the way to go. Having said that, I sometimes eat when I m bored or stressed, which is not ideal.   


I want to give the other questions some more thought before answering them!

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Re: Eating Well

to me eating well is geating fresh fruits and vegies, making sure your getting all your nutrients like protein and iron and things from nutritoust food, limiting junk food and sugary times such as soft drink. in saying that though i still think in moderation having something you enjoy such as a peice of cake or soft drink is still ok jsut as long as its not an all day everyday occurance.

as well as ahving nutritous meals i think its important to allow your body to relax and rest and get enough sleep, do the thigns that make you happy and self care activities and exercise as part of a daily routine

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