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Re: Eating issues (possible TW)

I feel like you understand me so much! I’m a normal weight but ever since I was little I used to check my BMI and see how much weight I would have to lose until I was underweight. I binge a lot and I always feel out of control and when I look in the mirror, what I see is not what is there and I know it but I can’t help it. My favourite youtuber had an eating disorder and described it so well... “Just because you know you’re colourblind doesn’t mean you can see the colours.” Too true. I know you feel stuck and so do I but together we can help each other. I don’t know what to do know but I’m tying to work it out and maybe we can do it together instead of alone because I feel like u less you’ve experienced it you won’t understand it to the next level.

Re: Eating issues (possible TW)

Hey @Eden1717, I hope you're doing ok, I can see this post was from 2017, I would love to know how your doing now.




@Fluffsar, I can relate to you too! I will skip a meal but then later I will eat and I just feel shit but I can't stop. My parents are starting to pick up on it too they have started to try to take me out for breakfast and that just so I eat. I love that quote about just because your know you're colour blind doesn't mean you can see colours.


(Warning TMI) Last month I had a pregnancy scare. My period didn't come for 2 months and I was so paranoid that I looked in the mirror and thought I was so fat that I had to be pregnant. Turns out I just wasn't eating/didn't weigh enough to be able to get my period. I took a test and it was negative thank god but anyway I still struggle with eating, it just seems like such a chore and sometimes I can go without it but others I get this urge and can't stop. 


Maybe we can help each other, I never feel like other people understand me, do you feel this way?

Re: Eating issues (possible TW)

And also, don’t you just hate it when people say, “You’re skinny so shit up!” Like wth is even wrong with these people. Just because I, skinny doesn’t mean I’m happy. And also when people are like, “You’re beautiful so just eat.” Right intentions for sure, just wrong wording. This is something you can’t just ‘get over’. Like if I had ADHD, would you tell me to just ‘get over it’! Sorry... starting to rant now.

Re: Eating issues (possible TW)

Hey there @hmm789,
I'm glad to hear everything okay now, a pregnancy scare does sound scary. Have you ever spoken to anyone about your eating before? Do you think that's something you could try?

@Fluffsar rant away Smiley Happy Sometimes it can be good to get those things out. It's nice when people are trying to help but you're right when you say it's hard to get over. If you'd like, you can make a thread about it and see what advice other people give.

I don't have much experience with eating disorders myself, but I do know how difficult it can be to change things. You're definitely not in it alone Smiley Happy

Re: Eating issues (possible TW)

OMG I totally agree! I hate it so much when people say you need to eat, its like agh its not that simple and yes when people say what do you mean your so skinny, omg don't even get me started. @Fluffsar

Re: Eating issues (possible TW)

Hi @N1ghtW1ng


I briefly spoke to my friend about it who helped me through my pregnancy scare. I didn't use the term eating disorder but I did say to her I skip breakfast. 


In frustration, in the mornings I have also briefly said to my mum "I don't eat breakfast" but she doesn't think much of it, she just says "well thats not good you need to eat breakfast" 


My dad also has a go at me but I tell him that coffee is breakfast which he doesn't agree with but I don't think he can be bothered fighting