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Things feel like complete shit right now...I don't know where to begin.


I got a job recently, that was a change

I feel like my only best friend never had any interest and only hung around me for pity. I should have fucked off and left her alone from the first day we met. I kept trying to act like I was gonna be some great angel she could turn to and I would run straight over if she needed help...but she has like 5 other friends who can offer her more then what I I don't see the point.


There was some big social event this weekend that I was gonna go to...but I don't see the point.



I'm so depressed right now Smiley Sad


Re: Emptiness

Hey @MemphisBelle, that sounds rough with your friend - can I ask did something happen between the two of you? Did it feel like a sudden change?

We're all here for a listen if you're up for it.


Re: Emptiness

How are you doing today @MemphisBelle? It sounds like a tough situation to be in Smiley Sad


Re: Emptiness

Hey @MemphisBelle,


I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so down at the moment. I've noticed that your title for this thread is called "emptiness." Is that how your feeling at the moment? 


When you say that her other friends can offer her more than you, what do you mean by that? 


Do you think that you'd like to make some new friends?