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End of year stress

Hi guys,

Well you might have read some of my earlier posts and might know that I'm in a bit of a tough place right now. It hasn't been easy for me over the last few days. I've had stress about my counsellor leaving, stress because it's christmas, stress because school reports come out very soon and because of all the other things going on in my life.

I haven't been able to cope very well so it's good for me to vent. I'm sorry if I'm boring you I just need to let this out.

I haven't been going too well with my eating issues, I've been purging 1-2 times a day, every day and I've also been not eating...
I also haven't been going too well with the self harm either. I've been self harming almost every day.

So yeah sorry if I bored you but I needed to vent.


P.S because my counsellor is leaving I'm wondering if it would be weird to get her a box of chocolates and write a card or something like that??

Re: End of year stress

Hey Pillow


Im sorry to hear your not doing too well

Christmas shouldnt be stressful! Enjoy the time with your friends and family, dont worry about shopping and presents and commercial, material christmas junk. I was dreading uni results coming out this week too but you know I was actually pleasantly suprised, you may be too with your school report Smiley Happy

Whenever I think "what if its really really bad!?" I always have to remind myself to squash that thought and think "what if its really really good!" with trying new things, meeting new people, going places I dont want to. What if its actually the best time of my life and I meet some great people and learn some awesome stuff


I think getting your counsellor a card or a small present would be a great idea, you guys sound like you have a great relationship and I really agree with what Blithe said in one of yesterdays posts about how thoughtful you are

You always are such a great support for other members and I really admire your strength - You help people even though you are going through some tough things yourself, that just shows what a strong, lovely, compassionate person you are


I read on a previous post that you called KHL but your regular counsellors werent there, I do hope you call back if you need to talk to someone, you might talk to someone new who has an entirely different outlook that really helps you. The next stranger you meet or talk to may just be the one to give you some of the tools you need to kick your problems to the curb, try not to feel put off by not being able to talk to your regular counsellors, try and think of it more as an opportunity


Kids Help Line also have an online chat service too if youd rather that

We'd love you to keep posting here aswell, and keep us updated on how you are going, we will all do anything we can to support you and I hope your day gets better


You are a strong person and your help seeking attitude is to be commended Pillow



Re: End of year stress

Hey Pillow

I'm just here to answer on question of yours.
"Would it be weird to get her a box of chocolates and write a card or something like that??"
My response? Absolutely not. GO ahead and give her a gift and write a nice note.
I did this for my mentor - a teacher who helped me through my last year, keeping me on track with work ect.
I gave her some ballerina ornaments (because she is a dancer) and wrote a note/letter telling her how much I really appreciated all her hard work and encouragement and support over the last 18 months.

Seeing her read that letter was well worth the fear I felt in the lead up Eg negative thoughts.
When she read it and seeing her face when she realised why I had come in she was speechless. But she was also very happy and probably honoured as well. Smiley Happy

I hope this helps you make up your mind Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: End of year stress



I am also the type that likes to show appreciation by giving gifts. So I agree with Bee that it is NOT weird  to write a note (with a box of chocolates) and give to your counsellor. I gave my psychologist flowers and she thanked me for being thoughtful. I felt really good afterwards.